What Leadership Style Is Right for Your Team?

VIDEO: The pros and cons of being an authoritarian, laissez-faire, micromanager, mentor or servant leader.

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While some leadership styles (mentoring, servant leadership) have gained popularity in recent years, there are times when it’s beneficial to be authoritarian or a micromanager, says Stephanie Naznitsky, executive director of OfficeTeam, the temporary staffing division of Robert Half.

What are the pros and cons of different leadership styles? How should you adapt based on individual team members? Watch now to learn why it’s so essential to be a good manager and how to craft the leadership style that best suits your team.



  • [Presenter] Because the business world can be chaotic, effective leaders are in high demand. But did you know that your leadership style could have a direct effect on the health of your company?
  • Our research says that nearly half of employees leave as a result of bad managers. Keeping your best people, in part, has a lot to do with having great managers leading them.
  • [Presenter] That's Stephanie Naznitsky, executive director of OfficeTeam, Robert Half's temporary staffing division. There's no one way to be a great leader.
  • [Presenter] What leadership style is right for you?
  • Within servant leadership, you are putting your people first. The pros of providing servant leadership is really having the understanding of what is it that your team is needing from a goal standpoint, and being able to provide the tools, the resources, and show them the way. 
  • Being a micromanager has traditionally been frowned upon. But there's always something to learn with every leadership philosophy. For some people that are just getting started, or need some extra help, there are some strengths in micromanagers. In order to get the best out of somebody, they need to know that you trust them, and that they don't need to be handheld every single step of the way. Let them fall if they have to fall. That's how you learn the most. 
  • Having someone that has the confidence to stand up and say, "This is the direction we're taking," can be very impactful to a team, especially if you're under a situation where your team is not growing or the company is not where you want it to be. The downside of authoritarian leadership has to do with really how is this person being able to relate to the team? Are they coming across as a dictator? 
  • As much as it's great to give your team the opportunity to thrive on their own, you wanna make sure they understand that you're present, especially during critical times, when they need you the most. Being a mentor is like being a coach. So, you have the opportunity to connect with people to help them build toward their goals and their aspirations and it's one of the most rewarding things that you can do in business, and be able to provide the next generation with stories and examples of how they can be successful.
  • [Presenter] No matter what style suits you, a good manager focuses on team members as individuals.
  • Everybody comes with a different background. How they were raised in business is very different. And many of them, as build a team, if you build a great team, they all come to the table with different strengths.
  • [Presenter] The best managers adapt their leadership styles as needed.
  • Leadership is a privilege. Being given the opportunity to lead a team and to explore all the wonderful things there is to explore in being a leader can change your life.
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