Hidden Costs of Managing Multiple Suppliers

Fewer suppliers means stronger relationships. Watch this video to learn more.

"The numbers don't lie. … On a day-to-day basis, we get pats on our back that we're just doing the right thing." —Eric Deese, Purchasing Agent, AGCO

When you work with multiple vendors, the price of products is just one piece of your total spending.

There's also the cost of managing your supplier relationships. Creating purchase orders, filing receipts, processing invoices — it all takes precious bandwidth you probably can't spare.

Watch the video featuring Chris Sawchuk, a procurement expert from The Hackett Group, and Eric Deese, a Staples Business Advantage customer. You'll discover:

  • The estimated annual cost of managing each supplier relationship (it's higher than you think)
  • How to have the best of both worlds: the service of local provider and the buying power of large national organization