Planning an office event

Office Event Ideas: 7 Unexpected Things Every Party Needs

New ideas to help the next office party go smoothly.

Even the best office event ideas need the right support to come to life. Whether it's an employee birthday party or the company's holiday bash, every event in your office could use a few helpful things to make the party go smoothly.

The right tools and services can create a more enjoyable party and help make setup and breakdown a snap. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind for your next endeavor.

Portable Speakers

Just about every party benefits from some music, and background music is especially helpful in warming up the room as the party gets started. But playing DJ can be tough to manage when you're in the office, so invest in some inexpensive portable speakers that hook up to your smartphone. That way, you can put on a custom-mixed playlist or a Spotify or Pandora station with the vibe you're hoping to promote.

Adjustable Furniture

Folding tables and other flexible pieces of furniture help you redesign any space. With a fold-up table, it's easy to claim space for a splashy display, a pile of grab bags or a snack and drink station. Shop for a few adjustable pieces to have on hand when it's time to celebrate.

Delivery Partners

Sometimes your office event ideas end up being limited because you're just too busy to go the extra mile to make every detail special. But some new services allow for deliveries of beer and wine, for example, or fresh flowers for decorations — all via app, so you can arrange these deliveries quickly. For items that don't have their own dedicated delivery service, sites like TaskRabbit or Fiverr allow you to hire couriers to pick up whatever you'd like.

Office Services

The last thing you want to do after a party is take everything down, whether that means cleaning up leftover food or vacuuming and hauling out the trash. An office services partner such as Managed by Q helps you hire cleaning staff, repair services and event security to fit your needs.

Cars for Hire

An app-based ride-hailing service or traditional cab company can help everyone get home safely. Whether your coworkers had a few glasses of wine during the company dinner or are simply trying to get out of the office after public transportation has shut down for the night, it's a good idea to have an app downloaded or a cab number handy to help ensure a ride home. For cabs, remember to allow employees to get reimbursed for the expense.


Fun party games can help encourage your team to move beyond traditional work roles and get to know each other. Avoid complex board games in favor of ice breakers, question-based games and other activities that help you learn more about your colleagues.


Projecting photos or short films that showcase your company's team members or accomplishments is a great way to inspire camaraderie among coworkers who have gathered together. These types of visuals can reinforce your reasons for celebrating — especially if you're marking a business accomplishment — or can just provide some fun visuals to highlight. Commandeer your company's projection system and use a slideshow or video tool to make the party extra-special.

Running with great office event ideas can help your team take their relationships and collaborations to the next level. Explore the range of services and tools that can transform your vision into reality, and make planning your next office party easier and more enjoyable.