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Heading back to class means stocking up on supplies, and a school binder or two are at the top of every list. They range in material from flexible plastic to heavy-duty leather and paperboard, and they help to organize important papers such as worksheets, tests and notes. Smaller sizes usually do the job for lower grades while upperclassmen with a heavier workload benefit from larger sizes with an increased paper capacity. At Staples, you'll find an extensive selection to choose from whether your student is entering kindergarten or embarking on the first year of college.

Zipper Closures Keep It All Tucked Away

Zipper binders combine functionality and convenience in a single unit with durable fabric construction that stands up to heavy use. In addition to a regular configuration with three rings, they feature pockets and pouches for storing accessories and other school supplies such as calculators and writing utensils. Some brands, such as Case-It, offer two school binders in one unit to help reduce the student's carry load. Convenient handles make for easy transport between classes, and shoulder straps free up hands for textbooks.

Pockets Organize Loose Papers

Nobody likes an overflowing binder with papers falling out. Inside pockets on the cover help to keep handouts neat and organized. If you are purchasing a binder for school without interior pockets, hole-punched folders make an excellent alternative. They come in a variety of colors and patterns to add a bit of personality to the interior.

Locking Rings Secure Contents

School binders come with a variety of ring types, including round, slant and D-ring. Round rings offer standard paper capacity while D-ring and slant options hold between 25 and 50 percent more. One-touch and easy-open rings give users more versatility when inserting or removing documents, and some brands offer rings that lie flat during use for smooth page turning. Binders that have gap-free rings won't spill their contents when dropped. All of these mechanisms open easily for inserting and removing paper, but keep contents secure when closed.

Clear Covers and Spines Increase Visibility

Binders for school with clear covers from brands like Staples and Avery make it easy to grab and go. Students can insert a cover page on either side or create a spine label so they can easily identify the subject at a glance. Nonstick material keeps documents intact, as it doesn't lift ink or toner from pages. Flexible spines resist splitting, which makes binders reusable year after year.

Eco-Friendly Options Promote Sustainability

If sustainability is a concern, there are eco-friendly options, including some models made with recycled materials to help reduce waste. Staples carries eco-certified and eco-conscious styles made with recycled paperboard and covers.

Accessories Make Organization Easy

Additional accessories such as page dividers and inserts, help students to separate classes or subjects. They often come in packs of 12 or more for convenience. For younger students, zippered pencil cases that fasten inside the rings keep writing utensils easy to locate.

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