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Even in the technology age, handwritten notebooks are still a useful tool for students, teachers, businesses and anyone who enjoys taking notes with a pen and paper. Moleskine notebooks and planners help users spread out their schedule by the day, week and month, take notes or write themselves quick reminders. Staples carries a broad selection of quality brands like Moleskin and a wide range of hard and soft cover planners and notebooks in different sizes, colors, bindings, and layouts.

Choosing Moleskine Notebooks and Planners by Size
Moleskine notebooks and planners help keep track of important appointments, activities, dates and many other types of information. Common sizes include the U.S. standard 8.25 x 11.75 inches, a slightly smaller 7.5 x 9.75-inch extra-large notebook, or a 5 x 8.25-inch pad that fits snugly into a small laptop or tablet case. For taking notes throughout the day, consider a 3.5 x 5.5-inch pocket notebook that can slide into a purse or a pocket. Narrower pocket sizes are also available to give a little extra writing space without taking too much room in a backpack or another storage area.

Find the Right Moleskine Notebook and Planner Layout
Another option when choosing a notepad is the page layout. Different designs include dotted, plain, ruled and squared. Dotted paper is a geometric graphing paper, and it can be used for drafting plans, taking notes or making sketches. Plain pads don't have lines, dots or borders. They allow you to write, draw, or attach images, business cards and other necessary items with tape, glue, staples or paper clips. Consider wide or college-ruled paper with lines for writing notes or journaling. Graph paper is lined in a grid of squares and has various uses such as drafting plans, sketching, or calculating mathematical problems.

What is the Difference Between Moleskine Notebooks and Planners?
Moleskine planners offer more organizational options than notebooks, with provided formatting that spaces out information by the month, week, or day. With a calendar page showing the previous year and another that goes at least a year forward, these planners help users keep track of upcoming days and still look back at important dates in the past without accessing a Wi-Fi device. These also provide a section for relevant contact information and an address book, so you always have a handwritten backup. Another major difference is how they present information. Planners give you vertical or horizontal space with single pages for each day, each week or each month.

Why Choose Moleskine Notebooks and Planners with a Hard Cover?
Books that use a thicker cardboard cover are more durable than notebooks that have a flexible, vinyl cover. Both types protect the front pages and back pages from spills or tears. Plastic covers provide extra protection from rain or accidental spills.

Are There Different Designs for Moleskine Notebooks and Planners?
Yes, both soft and hardcover Moleskine notebooks and planners came in a variety of attractive designs. Some of the many options include popular movie and television characters as well as sports teams, players and abstract patterns. Moleskine journals are another option to consider for consumers who are interested in keeping track of personal and professional notes. 

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