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Inspire a lifelong love for learning in your children by giving them a STEM education. Introducing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to school-age children helps them apply lessons to real-world problems. This teaching approach mixes learning with play while encouraging youngsters to ask questions, solve puzzles, and exercise curiosity. STEM lesson kits are suitable for classroom and home use, so they are ideal for parents who are home schooling. Make STEM sessions fun for your kids by choosing from the wide selection of interactive learning kits available at Staples®.

Know the Major Branches of STEM Education
The major categories are robotics and coding, reading, gamification, augmented and virtual reality, STEM learning, construction, electronics, and learning toys. Robots improve kids’ appreciation for engineering skills. To keep the interest of young children engaged, some of these can transform into different machines or animals. Programmable units teach kids basic coding skills. Construction kits also focus on technology and engineering. They range from architectural kits to mechanical pieces. These challenge kids’ problem-solving skills and encourage spatial thinking.

Electronics kits teach kids the importance of circuit boards in everyday gadgets. By studying and rearranging electrical connections on these boards, youngsters can create simple machines with different functions. Learning toys teach basic skills in math, reading, biology, and earth sciences. These make such subjects fun to learn by using interactive tools such as mobile apps and augmented reality viewers.

How to Pick the Right STEM Supplies
When shopping for these products, parents and educators should consider the children’s ages, grades, and interests. They may lose interest if given kits that are too complex or simple for their educational levels. Reading and numeracy learning toys are suitable for kindergartners, while grade school students find robots, electronics, and construction kits more engaging.

If your child has a strong interest, look for supplies that best satisfy that goal. Pick an architectural construction kit for a budding builder and a programmable robot for a youngster keen on learning to code. Most interactive toys are powered devices. To avoid the high costs of frequent battery replacements, look for those that run on rechargeable batteries.

What Electronic Devices Do STEM Supplies Require?
While a computer is not required for all STEM classes, a desktop or laptop computer makes it possible to access companion software and online resources included with these products. STEM toys and robots usually have mobile apps for user interactions. To use these, students need tablets. A tablet screen is more suitable for displaying interactive contents than the small screens of smartphones. Make sure the kit selected has an app for your mobile platform of choice.   

What Is the Difference Between STEM and STEAM?
STEM refers to science, technology, engineering, and math, all subjects that teach skills that graduates will need in-depth knowledge of in order to integrate into the workforce. STEAM refers to the STEM curriculum and includes the arts such as music, drama, humanities, visual and language arts, new media, and design. While these skills are important, the need for professional artists is not as great as the need for STEM workers. 

Do Teachers Need STEM Certification?
Yes. It’s not enough to give kids learning toys and encourage them to take an interest. Educational instructors need to know how to engage students and create enabling environments for STEM classes. They also need certification courses to build their skills, get access to STEM lessons, and learn new trends in this area of education. Staples has partnered with which offers an educational certification for both parents and teachers who aren't familiar with the advancement of technology.

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