School List Grades 3-5

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It's that time of year again -- time to grab the latest elementary school supply list and let Staples help you get everything kids need for a successful academic year. From backpacks to lunchboxes, pens to paper, crayons to glue sticks, there's a wide variety of elementary school supplies available for an easy shopping experience.

Backpacks to Carry Elementary School Supplies 

A backpack may not be on every elementary school supply list, but it is an important item for students. The first consideration should be size. If they are too big, they can be awkward and cumbersome; if they're too small, they won't hold all the books and other elementary school supplies kids need to transport each day. Comfort straps that are adjustable will make carrying them easier and safer. Older kids like lots of pockets to keep items like cell phones, calculators and water bottles within easy reach.

Style is also a factor. Backpacks come in a wide range of colors. Backpacks on wheels are convenient and easy to move around, but not all schools allow them. Before buying, make sure your elementary school supply list doesn't specify one without wheels.

Writing Implements for Assignments, Notes and More

Children's needs for writing-related elementary school supplies will change as they get older. Young children often have size 2 jumbo pencils listed on their elementary school supply lists. They are easy for little hands to grip and make solid marks. Older children can use standard pencils, which are available in various hardness levels. Standardized tests often require a number 2 pencil.

Teachers may request pens in the later grades as penmanship improves; pens are available in black, blue and red as well as other colors. These elementary school supplies are also available in erasable versions, which some teachers may prefer.

Organize Papers and Assignments with Notebooks and Folders

Notebooks come in different sizes, rules and page counts. If an elementary school supply list doesn't specify, choose wide-rule paper, which is most common for kids in these grades. Paper that's 8.5 x 11 is standard, but composition notebooks are smaller and often show up on teacher wish lists. Loose-leaf paper also comes in wide rule and is hole punched for use in three-ring binders.

Standard folders come in cardboard or heavyweight paper and have two pockets. Optional features include extra pockets, fasteners for loose-leaf paper and plastic construction for durability. Look for these elementary school supplies in a variety of colors and designs.

Lunch Boxes Keep Food Fresh

Lunch boxes are an essential elementary school supply. Insulated bags or boxes keep cold food fresher or hot food ready to eat. Boxes with different sections allow foods to stay in place. Select items include beverage containers and utensils for convenience. They are available in different styles and feature bright colors and fun designs or favorite cartoon characters.

Rely on Staples to have the necessities to fulfill your elementary school supply list, and send your kids off with everything they need to be prepared for the school year.

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