School List Grades 6-8

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Before the beginning of the school year, most schools send out a list detailing the supplies that each grade, and sometimes each class, needs. Enjoy the convenience of getting your middle school supplies from Staples.

Writing Tools Are Typically at the Top of Middle School Supply Lists

One of the most important supplies that will allow children to complete their work in school and at home are writing tools. Middle school children need a selection of pencils and pens, as well as highlighters, markers and of course, erasers and correction tape for when errors occur.

They'll Need Notebooks and Paper to Write In

Writing supplies are no good without something to write on. It's a smart idea to purchase a selection of composition books, notebooks and loose-leaf paper. Notebooks are available in single-subject or multiple-subject formats, and many middle schools will allow students to decide which they prefer to use. Science and math classes may require graph-ruled notebooks, so pick up a few of those. Additionally, many schools require index cards, and you'll find a wide selection of sizes, styles and colors at Staples.

Pick Up Some Binders and File Folders 

While they may not be essential if the student or school prefers composition notebooks, binders and file folders are necessary if loose-leaf paper is used, and they're available in a range of sizes. Small binders may only be suitable for one class, but 3-inch binders and zipper binders will often work for multiple classes. Don't forget to pick up a few file folders so the student can keep frequently referenced work and homework in one location.

Supplies for Arts and Crafts

In most cases, the arts and crafts materials on middle school supply lists are a little different than what's required for elementary school. While crayons and safety scissors will probably not be on the list, students will still need a selection of colored pencils, markers and painting supplies. They'll also need glue, construction paper and a poster board or two for science projects.

Items for Desks and Lockers

While desk and locker supplies may not be on a school's list of middle school supplies, there are some items that may be recommended. A scientific calculator is a must for middle school math classes and may help with some science classes. Purchase sticky notes to help students keep their work organized and a locker organizer and pencil case so they can keep their things nicely arranged. A ruler, scissors and a pencil sharpener are also useful items for students to keep handy.

Something to Carry It All In

With all of the supplies middle school students will be using, they'll need something sturdy to hold them. Staples has a wide selection of backpacks from well-known brands like High Sierra, Jansport and SwissGear. Choose a backpack that's large enough to hold everything but not so large that it's uncomfortable for the student to carry.

Shop Staples' selection of school supplies to find everything you need for your middle school student.  

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