School List Grades 9-12

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Whether students are in the first or final year of high school, they need lots of supplies for the school year. From classroom essentials to at-home study aids, Staples has everything parents have on their high school supply list. Make sure your student is well-prepared and maximizes their learning potential with the right high school supplies.

Storing High School Supplies to Boost Organization
From backpacks to binders, storage products are vitals. The right type of storage keeps workspaces neat and well-organized and makes it easy to find a particular project or set of notes. Keep classes or topics neatly separated with one binder per subject. To limit the amount a student has to carry to and from school, choose one heavy-duty binder with wide front and back panels and equip it with punch pockets and tabbed dividers for transporting notes and documents, then transfer notes into standard or economy binders at home, with one binder per subject. Portfolios and flexible binders also provide plenty of temporary storage that doesn't take up much room in a backpack.

When shopping for a backpack, parents should consider an ergonomic model with a contoured back panel, wide padded straps and waist and chest clips. Ergonomic backpacks ensure weight is evenly distributed across the back and shoulders, provides balance and stability, encourages healthy posture and offers superior comfort, even with heavy loads and long periods of use. Make sure the backpack lands at or just below the waistline for the most comfortable fit.

Basic Classroom Essentials to Ensure Students are Well-Prepared
While every school has its own specific requirements, most high school supply lists include a range of key items that every student needs. Mechanical pencils are a good choice for precision work, and standard number 2 pencils offer good value for everyday use. Students need at least two colors of highlighter pens, as well as erasers, correction fluid, tape or pens to keep their work free of errors. Check whether schools have specific paper requirements, such as loose leaf, composition books or spiral-bound notebooks. Scissors and glue are other common classroom essentials for high school students. Because students get through such vast quantities of many of these supplies, parents can buy in bulk to get volume discounts and maximize savings.

Electronics to Help Students Excel
For math and science, particularly as students attain higher levels of understanding, graphing or scientific calculators are necessary. Parents should consult their supply list to ensure they purchase the right type, brand or model. Flash drives are useful, as they allow students to transfer files between computers without cloud storage. Tablets or laptops provide portable Internet access and document editing facilities, as well as opportunities for entertainment during study breaks.

Study Aids to Maximize Learning Potential
A range of study aids is available to help students excel and prepare for tests and examinations. Ruled index cards are a good choice for revising key points and facts while unruled cards make a solid foundation for spider diagrams, brainstorming and flash cards. Highlighters and colored pencils are useful for color-coding notes. Post-its allow students to mark important passages and create revision boards.

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