School List Grades K-2

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Even in their early learning years, children need plenty of items to make the most of their educational experience. Armed with their kindergarten school supply list, parents can ensure their little ones have everything they need to excel. Staples carries an array of school supplies, catering to students from kindergarten through college. Every elementary school will have slightly different items on their kindergarten, first-grade or second-grade school supply list, so parents should double-check the requirements before they make their purchases.

Bags and Binders for Simple Storage

A backpack is essential for students of all ages, but it must be the right size. The weight of the full backpack should equal no more than 10 percent of your child's body weight. For the healthiest fit, choose a model that sits just below the shoulders and finishes at the waistline. Opt for padded shoulder straps for added comfort, and, to ensure even weight distribution, look for a backpack with chest and waist clips. The right backpack is invaluable and should be right at the top of your first-grade supply list. Look for durable, weatherproof construction for a bag that will last the whole school year, no matter what your little darling puts it through. Most elementary schools also require younger students to have paper pocket folders and plastic folders with brads for storing homework and take-home projects. For the best results and best value, buy multi-packs of durable folders that can withstand regular heavy use.

Paper for Art, Fun and Learning

Every school has its own paper requirements, with some not allowing spiral-bound notebooks during the early learning years. Others require spiral-bound notebooks alongside standard wide-ruled composition books. Maximize value by stocking up in bulk on pads of paper. Choose colored card and construction paper, along with unlined paper, to help children exercise their creativity and improve motor skills and cognitive function through art, crafts and play.

Writing and Coloring Supplies to Boost Creativity and Engage Learners

Elementary students usually need standard number 2 pencils to hone their writing skills. Boxes or packs of crayons will also make it onto your school supply list. Check the pack size and type requirements, and don't forget to have a few spare packs at home so little ones can explore their creativity out of school, too. For making posters and coloring pretty pictures, children may also need a set of marker pens.

Erasers are crucial for children who are still developing their basic writing skills. Help them keep their work neat and free of mistakes with large, good-quality erasers that are easy to grip. Safety scissors help youngsters master their fine motor skills, and, when combined with paper and glue sticks, let them create wonderful craft projects and works of art that showcase their developing skills and their imaginations. 

School Supplies for Good Hygiene

To minimize the spread of germs and to teach children important hygiene skills, many elementary schools require children to bring in boxes of tissues and bottles of hand sanitizer. This helps get young children started with healthy habits.

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