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When autumn rolls around, it's time to prepare for classes, and stocking up on back to school writing supplies is a good place to start. Staples has a variety of products available for every age group from elementary school youngsters to college-bound teens and adults.

Pens, Pencils and Paper for Graphing, Note Taking and More

Grade school classes require a variety of writing supplies. Students use number 2 pencils for standardized testing and note taking, particularly in math courses. Staples carries packs large enough to keep students supplied throughout the school year. A portable sharpener replaces dull and broken points quickly and without fuss. Mechanical pencils eliminate the need for sharpening and come with refillable lead, making them indispensable tools. Some click to advance the lead while others have a turning mechanism. For students who have art classes, Staples carries colored and graphite pencils to complete projects.

Erasers are an essential accessory for all grade levels and accompany writing supplies. Wedges fit on top of pencils and provide more surface area to clean up errors. For larger mistakes, such as in art or graphing projects, a handheld eraser is easier to maneuver and stands up to repeated use. Some come in a pencil-like plastic casing and advances as needed. Hi-polymer erasers come in handy for students who can't use latex.

Pens for Smooth Writing and Artistic Projects

Pens are available in different styles, including ballpoint, retractable, roller and gel. They come in various colors and tip sizes, making them useful for a plethora of classes. Small tips, such as 0.5mm, work for detailed projects or writing in small areas, while larger points, including 1.0mm, make writing smoother.

Students can use bright colors to emphasize specific coursework notes or stick with the standard blue and black for homework assignments. Gel ink and felt tip pens with micro-fine points are handy for detailing artwork, and they come with more color options than standard ballpoints. Erasable pens have specialized ink, making them as versatile as pencils.

Different Paper Types for Various Needs

Like pens and pencils, paper is an essential for students. While learning to write, elementary school children use wide-ruled loose-leaf or notebooks, as they provide more space. In middle school through college, however, college-ruled paper is the norm, as it offers more lines for note taking. Graph paper comes in various forms, and teachers often require it for math, science and engineering courses. Like lined paper, graph paper comes in notebook, pad or loose-leaf forms.

Additional Back to School Writing Supplies for Organization

In addition to pens, pencils and paper, highlighters keep pages organized and accent strong points. A plastic or fabric case helps keep all writing supplies contained in a single place for accessibility. Some have holes for easy insertion into a binder.

When shopping for back to school supplies, having a list of necessities helps students prepare for the upcoming year. Shop at Staples to find paper, pens and pencils as well as coordinating accessories.

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