Grammar Minutes for Grade 6 (CTP6124)

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One Hundred Minutes to Better Basic Skills with Grammar Minutes, Gr. 6

Provides 100 "Minutes" of 10 problems for students to complete within a short time period. Providing daily practice in key areas of grammar instruction, Grammar Minutes is a fun way to improve students' grammar proficiency and an instant assessment tool. Great for Test Prep! Grammar Minutes Grade 6 features 100 “Minutes.” Each minute consists of 10 grammar questions for students to complete within a short time period. This unique format offers students an ongoing opportunity to improve their own grammar proficiency in a manageable, nonthreatening manner. The quick, timed format, combined with instant feedback, makes this challenging and motivational assignment students will look forward to each day. Students become active learners as they apply grammar skills to a variety of question formats in key areas of sixth-grade grammar instruction.

  • One Hundred Minutes to Better Basic Skills
  • For Grade 6
  • ISBN: 978-1-60689-125-4
Now there’s a way for students to practice their grammar skills, enhance their overall grammar proficiency, and have fun at the same time! Grammar Minutes Grade 6 provides students with practice in the following areas:nouns and pronounsverb forms and verb tensesadjectives and adverbsprepositional phrasescontractionscompound and complex sentencesappositives and clausesword usagesynonyms, antonyms, and homophnespronoun and noun agreementsubject and verb agreementprefixes and suffixesGreek and Latin rootsand more!