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Provide protective cushioning for items shipped together by separating them with corrugated layering pads. These packing sheets offer surface and edge padding as well as protection from dust and moisture. Use them to separate stacked goods and evenly distribute package weight. Available in multiple sizes, corrugated pads are useful for a variety of packing needs ranging from stiffening envelopes to stabilizing pallet loads. You can find a wide selection of these packing pads at Staples®, alongside corrugated boxes and other fiberboard products and shipping supplies.

Consider Wall Thickness When Choosing Corrugated Packing Sheets
In addition to cushioning stacked goods, layering sheets made of corrugated fiberboard also help prevent strapping and forklift damage to shipping boxes. Place a pad at the top of each box to keep bundled products dust-free and prevent damage when opening the box with a cutter or knife. The strength and durability of a layering pad depends on the number of layers in its walls.

A single-wall pad consists of a fluted corrugated sheet sandwiched between two linerboards. Also known as a double-face packing sheet, this has a burst strength of 200 pounds per square inch. A double-wall corrugated sheet has three flat linerboards with two fluted inner sheets glued between them. Its burst strength is 275 pounds per square inch. It's stronger, more durable, and better suited for a heavier load than a single-wall pad. A triple-wall sheet has three fluted layers and a burst strength as high as 1,100 pounds per square inch. Get such corrugated packing pads to cushion heavy appliances and industrial machines.

Other Factors to Look for With Corrugated Sheets
Corrugated pads come in specific sizes corresponding to standard shipping box sizes. Choose units that are the right sizes for your envelopes, boxes, or pallets. Another important factor to consider is the type of paper used to make the corrugated fiberboard sheets. Kraft fiberboard is the sturdiest option and usually comes in brown. However, white corrugated packing sheets may also use kraft fiberboards if made with bleached kraft pulp. White corrugated pads have obvious aesthetic benefits. They give stacked items a clean look, which is a desirable feature for packaged luxury goods. White ones also make layering sheets stand out and easier to separate when unpacking boxes.

Should You Consider ECT When Comparing Layering Pads?
ECT, or Edge Crush Test, describes the ability of a corrugated board to resist crushing. Like burst strength, it's also an indication of durability and general strength. However, while burst strength measures tensile strength and tearing resistance, ECT describes the compressive strength of the edges of corrugated products. Typical single-wall layering pads have an ECT value of 32. Double and triple-wall corrugated pads have ECT-48 and ECT-90 ratings respectively.

What Are the Benefits of Plastic Corrugated Sheets?
Plastic pads are very durable and also reusable. They cushion stacked and palletized goods while also protecting them from dirt and dust during transit and storage. Usually made of polypropylene, corrugated plastic is also grease and moisture resistant.

What Are Chipboard Pads?
Chipboard pads consist of low-density fiberboard. They are lighter and thinner than other corrugated fiberboard pads. Rather than layer heavy items, their primary use is as envelope stiffeners. Intended as inserts, they prevent breakage by keeping mailers stiff. Use them to pad flat, delicate items like vinyl records and DVD discs.
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