Layflat Poly Bags

Layflat poly bags are multipurpose flexible containers for storing and arranging utility items at home, or for packing and shipping products to retail stores, warehouses, or consumers. Most of the bags consist of clear polymer to protect contents against dirt and moisture, while also providing a way to identify the utility items in the bag or to showcase products for sale on store shelves. Many of the bags have hanging holes so you can slide products onto display hooks. Specialty bags for shipping computer and electronics parts are also available.

The Composition of Layflat Poly Bags
Most standard, high-quality polymer bags consist entirely of virgin low-density polyethylene (LDPE) resin. Virgin LDPE resin poly bags for shipping are highly flexible and maintain their integrity when exposed to low temperature. They are also resistant to moisture, vapor, and many corrosives, and have excellent insulative properties, so they’re ideal for protecting utility items or sales products. LDPE bags do not leach harmful material onto their contents, so the FDA approves their use for many food items. The bags provide excellent retail display containers for items like hard candies and baked goods.

The Dimensions and Thickness of the Poly Bags
The mailing, packing, and display bags come in an array of rectangular dimensions and mils, or thickness, for holding products of different sizes and weights. Many of the bags are sleeves for packing items like calendars, photos, and even foldable clothing. Other bags have gusseted bottoms for packing more substantial solid items, whether products or parts. Layflat poly bags come in dozens of sizes, ranging in width from 2 to 56 inches, and in length from 3 to 60 inches. The bags vary in thicknesses from 1.5 mils to 4 mils or more, appropriate for light-, medium-, and heavy-weight items.

What Type of Closures Do the Poly Bags Have?
Many of the bags for large products, normally 24 x 24 inches and larger, can be heat sealed with standard tabletop sealers. Smaller bags are resealable with pinch or slide zip closures on one or two zip tracks. Some bags for display and sale, particularly for candies and baked goods, are closable with bows or wire ties. Most of the poly bags, particularly those for medium- and heavyweight items, have strong bottom and side seals for added strength.

What Poly Bags Are Available for Shipping Computer and Electronics Parts?
Several different bags are designed specifically for packing and shipping computer and electronic components according to strict Defense Department standards and American National Standards Institute codes. These poly shipping bags consist of carbon impregnated LDPE material that provides a barrier against electrostatic charges that may damage chips or circuitry. Some of the bags have inner and outer layers of anti-static material for full discharge protection, while others have an inter-layer Faraday cage, or built-in aluminum enclosure, to eliminate the diffusion of electromagnetic fields that may cause adverse health reactions. Many layflat bags for computer or electronic components are also free of amines or amides that may corrode components, and some are stamped with static shielding notifications.

Do Poly Bags Come in Cost-Saving Sizes?
Most plastic bags for packing, shipping, or display come in packages of 100, available in cartons of 1,000. Thick bags, particularly the 4-mil size for computer and electronics components, are available in carton sizes of 500.
Add to cart 3"W x 8"L Lay Flat Poly Bag, 1.0 Mil, 1000/Carton (2206)
Add to cart 7"W x 7"L Lay Flat Poly Bag, 1.0 Mil, 1000/Carton (2272)
Add to cart 10"W x 12"L Lay Flat Poly Bag, 1.0 Mil, 1000/Carton (2330)
Open 18"W x 24"L Lay Flat Poly Bag, 1.5 Mil, 500/Carton (29950-CC)
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Add to cart 18"W x 24"L Lay Flat Poly Bag, 1.5 Mil, 500/Carton (29950-CC)
Add to cart 4"W x 20"L Lay Flat Poly Bag, 1.0 Mil, 1000 Bags/Carton (2227)
Add to cart 8"W x 10"L Lay Flat Poly Bag, 1.0 Mil, 1000/Carton (29994)
Add to cart 32"W x 44"L Lay Flat Poly Bag, 0.4 Mil, 100 Bags/Carton (1311)
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Add to cart 10 x 13" Layflat Poly Bags, 1.5 mil, Clear, 1000/Carton (50012-CC)