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Office Supplies

Office supplies are something that every workplace needs to function efficiently. They are also useful for home and school settings as well. At Staples, you'll find all the office accessories you need to get the job done right.

Office Supplies For The Office and Home
Start out with the basics and then build up your supply stock from there. Look for things like tape, staplers and staples, paper clips and other office supplies that each home or employee will need. From rubber bands to push pins, these are items you'll want to have on hand.

Office Supplies That Help Your Keep Track of Important Dates
A good planner helps keep homes and offices running smoothly. They come in a variety of configurations with a single month, week or day per page in a bound or spiral book, or on loose sheets in a binder. Use them to jot down notes and keep track of appointments and deadlines. Calendars can perform similar functions or act as a desk pad or wall hanging.

Office Supplies That Allow You To Take Notes
Standard wood and mechanical pencils are ideal for students and for home use. Ballpoint and fountain pens come in traditional blue and black ink, but also in many other colors. Markers, highlighters and dry-erase markers make labeling easy and colorful. They come in various tip sizes from ultra-fine for detailed work to chisel tips for posters and artwork.

Office Supplies That Allow You To Stay Organized
Keeping documents, receipts and other information organized and readily accessible is easy with the right filing supplies. Manila folders are available in letter and legal size. They have pre-cut tabs for easy labeling. These can be filed as-is or with the help of hanging file folders which hook onto frames inside a file drawer. This makes them easier to file things in and retrieve documents from.

Office Supplies That Fuel Your Digital Needs
Offices produce documents, and to do this effectively you need printing supplies. Inkjet printers require specific ink cartridges to work properly. They come in black, multi-color cartridges or individual colors depending on the printer specs. Laser printers and copiers typically require toner cartridges and other supplies to produce clear and legible prints.

Office Supplies That Allow You To Communicate With Others
Printers and copiers need something to print on and paper for them comes in different sizes, weights and colors. White is the most common color, but you can find paper in pastel, neon and other color palettes. Letter size (8.5 x 11) is standard but legal size (8.5 x 14) is also common.

Office Supplies That Help You Remain On Schedule
No office organizational plan would be complete without notepads and notebooks. Notepads are handy for taking notes in meetings and class as well as jotting down messages and timelines. Some have reusable adhesive for attaching pages to books, computer screens or desktops. Notebooks give you an easy way to control loose documents and organize them the way you want.

What Office Supplies Do You Need For a Home Office?
Your required supplies will vary by what you do and how paper intensive your job is, but in general, you'll want to start out with basics and go from there. A few pens and notepads, some file folders for various clients and documents, and enough ink or toner to make sure you are always ready to print. Once you get started you can add to your supply list as you see what you need the most.


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