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With the right office supplies, every work task is easier. Not only do you want to choose high-quality supplies, it's important to select items that are user-friendly and appealing. Staples® stocks dozens of office supply brands, making it easy for every home or professional users to find the items they need.

Make Every Note Stand Out With Writing Office Supplies
Pens, pencils, and highlighters are a big part of supply shopping in an office setting. Pencils are a foolproof solution that work well for office employees, graphic designers, and drafters. Compare mechanical and standard wooden pencils to figure out which option is more convenient. Pens offer bold colors and immovable lines, making them the ideal choice for those who are taking notes and brainstorming. Most pen varieties are available in red, black, and blue. Other options come in a wide range of bold colors. Users can choose from a full spectrum of colors for self-expression, color-coded outlines, and more. If your daily work involves taking notes or editing, highlighters can streamline common tasks and save time.

Keep Track of Notes With Paper and Notebooks
Along with the perfect writing tools, professionals need ideal paper supplies for each job. Printer paper is a frequently-used supply in many offices. Options include standard copy paper, stock in different colors, and cardstock in various weights. While most paper measures 8.5 x 11 inches, there are other dimension options for legal forms and wide-format printers. For handwriting, choose from notebooks, notepads, and loose-leaf. Specialized notepads and sketchbooks give users an easy way to bring every idea to life. Meet daily, weekly, and monthly scheduling needs with calendars and planners.

What Bulk Ordering Options Are Available for Office Supplies?
Bulk ordering is an essential feature for small and large offices. It increases the time between reorders, minimizes packaging waste, and often adds extra value to large businesses. Bulk packaging is especially convenient for disposable and heavily-used items, such as printer paper, pens, and notebooks. Many products are also part of the Staples Auto Restock program. This program lets users set up automatic deliveries for frequently-ordered items, which saves busy professionals plenty of time.

Which Office Supplies Help With Organization?
A well-thought-out organizational plan saves time and effort at work. Many business supplies aim to organize documents and keep heavily-used files close at hand. Two-pocket folders and file folders are optimal for a variety of organizational tasks. Transparent plastic folders make it easy to identify contents at a glance, while opaque paper or plastic models protect sensitive data. Clipboards offer quick access to loose-leaf and important documents, making them an essential part of meetings. Binders offer more space and flexibility. A binder is a professional way to display a presentation, but it also accommodates notes and documents from multiple projects. Desk organizers effectively sort common items like pencils, rubber bands, and pens.

Which Other Office Supplies Are Necessary?
In many offices, sticky notes are an essential and convenient part of communication. These notes also come in narrow flag shapes, giving users an easy way to provide feedback on documents. To ensure accuracy in your calculations and numbers, make sure to have calculators on hand. And don't forget items like hand sanitizer, surface cleaning wipes, and tissues. Hygiene is important in offices of all sizes, particularly during cold and flu season.

No matter which industry you work in, ordering the right supplies can maximize office productivity and make it easier for employees to excel. With Staples listings, find supplies that make every part of the workday easier.

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