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Secure Checkout | Secure Checkout | Pick Up In Store

Here's how it works...

  • While shopping on® click the "1 Hour Pickup" button to check store availability and to add an item to your cart.
  • Items not available for 1 Hour Pickup are still eligible to be picked up in store. You can select this option in your Cart by clicking on the "Pick Up In Store" tab.
  • Pay for your order online.
  • You will receive an order email confirmation indicating the date and time to expect your items in store.
  • Once the items are picked from the shelf or arrive in the store from a fulfillment center, you will get a "Ready for Pickup" email.
  • Go to the "Online Order Pickup" location in the store to retrieve your order. You must have a state-issued ID at the time of pickup.

Also Consider...

  • Orders are available for pickup during regular store hours.
  • You'll be required to sign for your order when you pick it up.
  • You have five days from receipt of the "Ready for Pickup" email to secure your items.

See our Buy Online Pick Up In Store FAQs for more details.