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Safely transport china, glassware, and other fragile items by wrapping or padding them with packing paper rolls. Made of kraft paper, these are sturdy packaging and layering sheets with coarse surfaces. Also called Butcher paper for their original use in wrapping meat and fish, kraft rolls are also suitable for arts and crafts. As packaging products, they’re better than newsprint because there’s no risk of ink transfer to packaged items. Check the large inventory of mailing supplies on Staples® to pick up kraft rolls for cushioning and void-filling storage and shipping boxes.

Choose from Different Types of Packing Paper Rolls
Besides the traditional brown variety, kraft paper is also available in white. This comes from bleached kraft pulp and is just as strong as the brown. Freezer paper is another type of white kraft paper supplied in rolls. It has a coarse side as well as a smooth one. The smooth side has a layer of LDPE (low density polyethylene) lamination. This improves the strength of the packing sheet and makes it leak resistant.

You can also find brown kraft paper with a laminated side. One use for this is to wrap metal products and protect them from oil, dust, moisture, and grease. There is also waxed kraft paper. This has wax coats on both sides. The wax treatment makes the wrapping paper smooth and protects packed items against moisture and grease. Depending on the waxing process employed, the paper roll can be dry or wet.

Consider Size and Weight When Shopping for Kraft Paper Rolls
Roll width ranges from 12 inches to 60 inches. Consider the size of the goods that need wrapping and choose a roll that’s wider than the biggest item. A small roll holds a few hundred feet of kraft sheet. For busy packing and shipping operations, select rolls that are thousands of feet long. The weight of a packing paper roll determines its strength and thickness.

Manufacturers use basis weight to describe different grades of wrapping and packing paper. The basis weight of a paper roll is the weight of one ream (500 sheets). Rolls of higher basis weights are thicker and heavier than those with lower values. Most kraft packing rolls have basis weights between 30 – 75 pounds. To help save on shipping costs, use packing sheets of low basis weights for lightweight packages unless you’re mailing fragile goods. These items require heavier Kraft paper that provides ample cushioning.

What Is the Difference Between Dry and Wet Wax Packing Paper?
Dry wax paper has fully absorbed wax coats and no sticky surface residue. Choose it when looking for a smooth packing paper that doesn’t leave a waxy film on the shipped item. Wet wax paper has high-gloss water-resistant sides and is ideal for packing refrigerated goods.

What Are Indented Kraft Paper Rolls?
These are soft, absorbent wrapping and layering sheets. They have rows of small bumps on their surfaces that absorb repeated impacts. Use these to provide extra cushioning when shipping heavy and fragile items.

Do You Need a Dispenser for a Brown Paper Roll?
Using kraft packing rolls is easier when mounted on a dispenser and preferably one with a built-in cutter. Dispensers and cutters come in different sizes and designs. These include tabletop, wall-mountable, vertical, and under-counter models. They are available with 1 – 4 cutters and may have straight or serrated edge blades.
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