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Packing paper sheets are a versatile product for all packaging needs. Use them to wrap durable goods when moving, fill voids in boxes during shipment so items don’t move, or for gifts as a bag filler or wrapping paper. Paper sheets come in a variety of styles, including different weights and coatings. Staples® has many other packing supplies including boxes, tape, and bubble rolls to keep items safe whether for shipping or storage.

Types of Paper Sheets to Protect Objects
Pre-cut sheets of paper come in various sizes to wrap fragile items or fill gaps in boxes without having to cut rolls. They also come in a few types. Traditional paper sheets are thick but pliable and often used to wrap items and provide cushioning. Newsprint sheets are the same as newspaper, but without ink that might rub on the product or object. It's thin and pliable for wrapping around fragile items. Tissue paper is thinner than newsprint paper and is often used in gift wrapping to fill bags. The delicate paper is soft and comes in pretty colors. Crinkle cut is strips of folded paper that will fill smaller gaps in boxes.

Benefits of Paper Packaging Features
Some packing paper offers special features that provide additional protection for certain objects. For example, waxed paper is water proof to protect objects that can’t get wet. Poly coated is covered in a thin plastic layer to protect against moisture, grease, and oil. It's often used to wrap foods. Acid-free options keep stored books or documents from yellowing or fading over time. VCI paper (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) has a chemical coating that prevents corrosion and rust on metal items that need to be stored for long periods of time.

Indenting doesn’t add protection, but it makes life easier on the user. The pre-folded lines make it easy to wrap square or rectangular objects quickly.

How Do You Wrap Items to Mail Without Adding Too Much Weight?
Mail companies recommend 2 inches of padding around fragile items when shipping. Keep the weight low by wrapping each individual object in paper and then fill the voids with lightweight crinkle cut paper, bubble roll, or foam. This will provide the recommended padding thickness and still keep the objects safe.

What is Kraft Paper?
Sturdy brown Kraft paper sheets are often used for packing, crafts, and gift wrapping. This popular product is made from wood pulp. It is strong and durable, which makes it a good choice for packaging. The paper making process doesn’t use bleach, which is good for the environment.

What is Industrial Grade Tissue Paper?
Industrial grade tissue paper is stronger than traditional gift tissue paper. It is still soft and easy to crumple like gift paper, but provides the extra durability needed for packaging.

Is Packaging Paper Eco-friendly?
Many paper options use recycled products. Kraft paper is self-sustaining and uses few chemicals. Always check labels to see how much of the product is made from recycled materials. All types of paper packing sheets are available in eco-friendly options with varying percentages of recycled material.
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