Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens, Medium Point, Tropical Vacation, 36/Pack (1928608)

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens, Medium Point, Tropical Vacation, 36/Pack (1928608)

Item #: 1706779 | Model #: 1928608
Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens, Medium Point, Tropical Vacation, 36/Pack (1928608)
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Product ID: 1706779
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Product details
Paper Mate Flair Tropical Vacation medium-point felt tip pens in assorted colors bring your art department to life.

Paper Mate Flair Tropical Vacation gives your creative staff something exciting to use when it comes to creating bright, colorful pages by hand. Each pen creates clean, crisp lines, and quick-drying ink prevents smudging and smearing.

  • Felt tip pens for vibrant, strong lines
  • Six different colors pop off the page including: Guava, Surf's Up, Passion Fruit, Scuba Dive, Orchid Lei, and Papaya
  • Medium-point tip for steady lines on the page
  • Plastic barrels have colors that match the ink on each pen
  • Slim barrels and precision tips make writing easier, so your staff has less fatigue when it comes to extended projects that last for hours.
  • Acid-free for added safety
  • Acid-free ink doesn't degrade your high-quality paper.
  • Package contains 36 pens

Six Different Colors
This 36-pack contains six different colors that pop on the page, including pink, orange, purple, dark blue, bright yellow and forest green. These colors help your staff make notes on pages that already have print on them for color-coding, or these colors help notices on the bulletin board stand out from others. Unique drawings on announcements, creative designs and graphics stand out from the background.

Reliable Ink
Quick-drying ink resists smearing and smudging for a professional look. Medium-point tips not only create clean, crisp details, but they also let you write precise lines on the page when clarity is must. Point Guard technology helps prevent the felt tips from drying out prematurely, so you get a longer life from each pen.

Sturdy Construction
The slim barrel fits easily in your hand for better precision, while plastic materials feel lightweight in your hand to reduce fatigue. The metal clip on each pen keeps your items close, whether you want to put these pens in your pocket, portfolio or folder.