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Perk™ Red Plastic Stirrers, 1000/Pack (PK56402)
Item #24393962
Model #PK56402
  • Stirrer works for both hot and cold beverages
  • Comes in red and made of plastic
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Perk™ White Paper Straws, 8", 400/Pack (PK45596)
Item #24394754
Model #PK45596
  • Individually wrapped paper straws are perfect for drinks and beverages
  • 8" straw length
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Perk™ White Paper Straws, 9", 4800/Carton (PK45596CT)
Item #24394755
Model #PK45596CT
  • Individually wrapped paper straws are perfect for any drink and beverage
  • 9" straw length
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Keep a steady supply of Perk coffee stirrers in the office breakroom so everyone can sweeten their brews just as they like. Besides stirrers, Perk makes a wide range of essential breakroom supplies, including straws, coffee filters, and disposable tableware. These items are also suitable for parties and home use. Browse the large inventory of kitchen and breakroom supplies at Staples to find a good selection of Perk coffee filters, straws, and stirrers.

Sip hot and cold drinks conveniently with Perk straws
Perk makes paper straws and supplies them in packs containing 400 individually wrapped pieces. Each one is 9 inches long, suitable for most cups, cans, and bottles. Paper straws are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws. They're biodegradable and decompose much faster than plastic ones. Therefore, Perk paper straws are perfect fits for eco-conscious shoppers and offices trying to lower their carbon footprints.

Homes, offices, and diners can use these straws for cold and hot drinks and beverages. Individually wrapping them ensures each unit comes out as sterile as it was out of the factory. This also prevents cross-contamination when used in busy breakrooms and public venues. Each Perk paper straw comes in white with an attractive multicolored sprinkles pattern. The brand supplies its straws in perforated boxes for easy dispensing.

Make coffee breaks rewarding with Perk coffee stirrers and filters
While a straw can mix sugar and cream into your morning coffee in a pinch, a coffee stirrer is better suited for the task. Perk's stir sticks are suitable for hot beverages like tea and coffee as well as cold drinks such as cocktails. They come in boxes containing 1,000 units. These red plastic sticks can stir in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Therefore, they're suitable for right-handed and left-handed users.

When shopping for coffee filters, consider factors like size and material as well as environmental impact. Disposable filters are made of paper. Bleached or unbleached filters are available. Bleached ones appear white, while unbleached units look brown. For high-quality bleached coffee filters, opt for those bleached with oxygen. These are better for the environment than chlorine-bleached filters. Reusable coffee filters are made of metal, nylon, and cloth.

How durable are Perk paper straws?
Although made of paper, these straws are relatively sturdy and can last for a few hours in drinks before getting wet and turning soggy. Before dipping them in drinks, they have a dry minimum bending strength of 0.8 pounds. When wet, it'll take at least 0.5 pounds of force to bend them.

Can you reuse Perk coffee stirrers?
These stirrers are made of plastic and don't fall apart even when left in hot drinks. However, the manufacturer intends them as disposable items. For sanitary reasons, don't reuse Perk coffee stirrers and straws, especially those left out on counters or in empty cups. Toss them in the trash after use.

Are Perk paper straws compostable?
Composting paper straws is an essential step to offsetting their carbon costs. Gather used straws and put them in a garden compost bin to biodegrade. Dispose of paper Perk coffee filters in the same way. They usually start decomposing within a few weeks.

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