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Perk Disposable Bowls

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Perk disposable bowls come in handy in the office, classroom, and home. They’re just the right size for a serving of salad, soup, or dessert, and durable enough that liquids won’t soak through. In the classroom, teachers can place small amounts of paint and small art supplies in the bowls for students so waste is kept to a minimum. Parents and teachers can serve snacks to guests and children using disposable bowls. Serve coffee, water, and snacks using disposable plates, bowls, and cutlery from Staples.

Perk disposable bowls in the office
Disposable bowls by Perk are ideal for staff lunches, office parties, and meetings. Serve salads and desserts to staff and guests using these 12-ounce bowls. Using disposable bowls alleviates the need for washing dishes after lunch and the end of the day so staff can spend more time being productive.

Use disposable bowls around the house
Make parties and picnics simple and enjoyable by using disposable bowls by Perk. Give the kids a quick snack they can take outside so dishes don’t end up broken. After a long day at work, use dishes and cutlery that are disposable when eating dinner so there’s no dish washing needed. Place paints and small art supplies in the bowls when children are doing crafts to reduce spills and make cleanup easier.

Use Perk disposable bowls in schools
Disposable bowls in the cafeteria are ideal for serving students soups, cereals, and salads. No worries about broken dishes, and staff won’t have as many dishes to wash afterward. In the classroom or art room, put paint, glitter, and other small art supplies in the bowls for students to cut back on wasted materials. This also helps avoid large spills that are difficult to clean up. Cleanup is simple, toss the bowls in with other compostable materials and let them return to the earth naturally.

How durable are Perk disposable bowls?
The bowls are durable enough to hold hot soups and heavier foods without leaks and tears. They’re sturdy enough to hold entire meals without bending and tearing. Don’t use for cooking foods in the microwave. Only reheat foods in these bowls for a short time.

How many disposable bowls are in a package?
Smaller sleeves of 125 bowls are ideal for homes, classrooms, and small offices. Keep these in the cupboard to save from washing dishes. For larger institutions, such as hospitals and schools, large office parties and family gatherings, and weddings, consider a carton containing 500 or 750 bowls. This helps prevent the spread of colds and other diseases in hospitals and schools because the dishes aren’t taken to other rooms.

Are Perk disposable bowls environmentally friendly?
Disposable bowls from Perk are made from plant-based raw materials, making them compostable. After use, these bowls eventually become part of the earth again. Lessen the carbon footprint by using these with compostable plates and utensils each day in the home, school, and office. Perk’s disposable bowls qualify for the Eco-ID mark due to earning at least one sustainability certification.