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Perk Disposable Cutlery

When it’s time to plan a working lunch meeting, a potluck nosh to send off a departing coworker, or another type of large gathering, Perk disposable cutlery helps save time and minimize cleanup. Whether the office doesn’t keep washable flatware on hand or simply needs more to plan for a large gathering, disposable options make the most of available time and space. Compare disposable flatware options at Staples.

Multi-packs and single-type packs of Perk disposable cutlery
Mixed packs and single-type packs of cutlery allow office professionals to plan for any gathering. Mixed packs, which include forks, spoons, and knives, provide an easy way to keep flatware on hand for serving food at any events that take place. Bags that feature only spoons, forks, or knives let you get what you need for an event without having to stock up on unnecessary flatware items. If you need a box of disposable knives for a bagel breakfast, spoons for an ice cream bar, or forks for a birthday cake, every event goes more smoothly with the right Perk disposable dinnerware.

Choosing the right color for an event or setting
Through Perk, users can order white or black disposable flatware. White is the widely chosen option, meeting the needs of those planning casual events. Hosts looking to combine the more formal feel of conventional flatware with the convenience of disposable options often choose black cutlery. Black flatware is also well-suited to several party themes and color schemes.

What is the difference between medium-weight and heavyweight cutlery?
Perk disposable dinnerware is available in medium-weight and heavyweight options. Medium-weight cutlery is the less dense option. It’s a value-friendly choice for light food such as salads or cake. Planners who need more durability for the food they’re serving might choose heavyweight flatware, which uses denser plastic. It’s strong enough for items like pasta and meat.

Is disposable cutlery available in bulk?
Bulk ordering options help office party planners get exactly what they need for the next baby shower or conference. Options depend on whether you choose a pack with all three types of flatware or a pack with a single type of cutlery. Packages with just one type of cutlery typically come in smaller counts, allowing people to buy as few as 100 spoons, forks, or knives at once. These options are also available in larger bundles. Mixed cutlery bundles typically start out at 300 pieces per package and increase from there. Bundles of a single cutlery type and mixed bundles can include up to 1,000 pieces.

What environmentally friendly options are available for Perk disposable dinnerware?
Many professionals with an interest in combining the convenience of no-wash dinnerware with environmental friendliness consider Perk disposable cutlery. Compostable Perk cutlery is an option to consider. Compostable knives, forks, and spoons are made with polylastic (PLA) plastic. They are BPI Certified and compostable in industrial facilities. These options offer the same durability, reliability, and appealing design of standard disposable flatware.