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Perk Dusters & Dust Pans

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Accommodate workplaces and homes with versatile Perk dusters from Staples. Options include 180- and 360-degree dusters, which are ideal for cleaning small spaces, allowing you to reach the deepest corners easily. Wet cloth dusters are suitable for removing layers of dust, hair, and other particles quickly. Bulk orders of Perk dustpans are available, allowing managers to supply offices with cleaning supplies

Specifics of practical Perk dusters
With multiple layers, Perk dusters offer efficiency for timely cleanups of debris on tabletops or desks. Some duster refills feature two pockets, which enable handle insertion for convenient use. Wet cloths are suitable for wiping different surfaces after using a mop. The feather and yarn design on select dusters simplifies cleaning to save time for other work. Use dusters on surfaces including vinyl, marble, linoleum, or laminate. With zero phosphates and phosphorus, these dusters won’t leave any chemicals on floors, furniture, or ceilings. Multiple duster colors are convenient for color-coding according to members of janitorial teams. 

Benefits of using Perk dusters
Users can attach Perk duster refills to a mop head when cleaning varying floor types. These dusters are disposable, which is convenient for occasional spills and more demanding cleaning projects in multi-cubicle offices. Individuals with pets should consider always having a pack of wet and dry cloths to dispose of animal hair from sofas, chairs, and floors. Absorbent cloths soak up different liquids efficiently, so it’s not necessary to keep reaching for cloth refills. Small packaging of dry and wet cloths makes them easy to store in cabinets or cleaning rooms.

What kind of duster packaging is available?
Some wet cloth cleaning supplies come in plastic trays with covers, which keeps dusters moist and ready for use. Other models come in standard rectangular packs to ensure simple cloth extraction. Duster packages are stackable so that managers can save space in storage rooms.

Are Perk cleaning cloths suitable for use on wooden floors?
Some cleaning cloths in the collection are suitable for finished wooden floors with no risk of leaving marks after a cleanup. Because there are many popular wood floor variations in many facilities, it’s worth stocking Perk’s soft dusters and cloths. While you can use dusters for occasional touch-ups on untreated wooden floors, specialty floor cleaning products might be a better option for regular use. Use dry cloths to pick up large particles on the floor prior to mopping. 

Where can you use versatile Perk cloths and other cleaning supplies?
White wet cloths are suitable for medical workplaces because they offer a professional and sanitary look. Equip different cleaning services and retail premises with deep-cleaning cloth refills in bulk. Wiping the dust off computers, printers, and other electronics is simple with Perk disposable dusters, which won’t affect hardware. They are compatible with many mob head models such as the Swiffer Sweeper mop and other mops from that brand. This enables companies to order Perk cleaning supplies and use them with other cleaning tools.
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