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Perk facial tissues are the first step to a germ-free classroom or office. Stop the spread of germs in the office or classroom using tissues to cover coughs and sneezes and to wipe runny noses caused by colds and allergies. Tissue boxes are small enough to place on desks and countertops. Set the colorful tissue box on the desk as it is, place it in a decorative cover to match office decor, or decorate it for the holidays. Keep desks and frequently used supplies free from germs with facial tissues and cleaning supplies from Staples.

Perk facial tissue are 2-ply for softness and durability
The 2-ply facial tissues are soft enough to blow noses with a smaller chance of chafing and soreness. They’re more durable so tearing happen less frequently. Apply or remove makeup and facial creams using soft 2-ply facial tissues by Perk so hands don’t get messy. The soft tissues are ideal for wiping sweat and oil from the face without feeling scratchy and causing skin irritation.

Single tissue dispenser
The design of the box top opening conveniently dispenses facial tissues one at a time. This prevents all the tissues from coming out at once and being wasted. Only having to touch the top of one tissue stops germs from spreading to the next tissue. 

Use Perk facial tissue at home and in the classroom
There are many ways to use facial tissues in homes and classrooms. Use them in place of a handkerchief for wiping or blowing noses and covering coughs or sneezes. Keep a box of tissues in the bathroom to apply or remove makeup and face creams. Get creative and make decorations and do craft projects with the kids using facial tissues. Spread glue with tissues so little fingers don’t get the glue everywhere it’s not supposed to be. Teachers can keep a box of tissues in the classroom for students to limit the spread of germs in the class. 

What size are Perk facial tissue boxes?
Facial tissues by Perk are available in boxes of 95 sheets and 160 sheets of 2-ply tissues. Opt for the larger box for use in classrooms and large offices, while the smaller box is ideal for home use. Consider a smaller three-pack for home and small offices. Cartons of 36 boxes of tissues are suitable for larger businesses as well as institutions such as schools and hospitals. 

Are Perk facial tissues FSC certified?
Perk cares about the carbon footprint it leaves on the earth. The cellulose wood fibers they use to make their facial tissues are sustainably sourced, having minimal environmental impact, earning them Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. 

Is it safe to flush facial tissue down the toilet?
It’s safer to toss facial tissues in the trash. It’s alright to flush them down the toilet occasionally, but don’t make a habit of it. Facial tissues aren’t designed to break up in the water the same way toilet paper does. Doing this regularly may lead to clogs and messy overflowing toilets.