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Perk Toilet Paper

Perk toilet paper comes in bulk packaging for businesses and institutions, the hospitality industry, restaurants, and public rest-service areas. It has a reputation for softness. Part of the brand’s marketing strategy is using playful package branding to emphasize just how gentle the tissue is to use. It’s the type of bulk packaging that you don’t need to hide from the view of customers or employees. Some bulk-packaged Perk toilet tissue is also available in septic-safe material. Check out Staples for the type that’s a good fit for company restrooms or private homes.

Perk bath tissue is gentle yet hygienic
Toilet paper from Perk is ultra-soft. It consists of two plies, each of which is embossed, adding gentle air pockets to each sheet. The embossing also contributes to the absorbency of the tissue, in turn providing a clean and hygienic bathroom experience. The toilet paper is unscented, so it’s good for all customers, visitors, and staff to use, including those who may have allergic reactions to or prefer not using products with manufactured fragrances. Each sheet has an easy-tear perforation, so there is no need to take more sheets than needed or have to struggle with tearing sheets from holders.

Perk is an apt name for its products
While the bulk-packaged toilet paper is for business, commercial, and public-venue use, Perk keeps its packaged advertising light-hearted and perky. If storing the toilet paper in places where customers, the public, or employers will see it, the packaging sends them a clear message you’re not just giving them an industrial solution to an important part of their daily hygiene.

Different packaging legends evoke the various epitomes of softness, whether bunnies, clouds, or lambs. Clever phrasing and plays on words are an important part of Perk toilet paper brand imaging. Purchase decisions are based on bulk packaging needs, but you can have confidence in the softness of the product when a branding legend suggests that the paper is so soft that users think clouds are part of the contents.

What bulk packaging is available for Perk toilet tissue?
Each ultra-soft bulk-packaged roll is available with 154 two-ply sheets. Bulk packaging includes 16, 24, or 48 rolls of bathroom tissue paper, equivalent to 2,464, 3,696, and 7,392 sheets per respective package. Each sheet has a standard width by length dimension of 3.9 x 4 inches.

How does Perk septic bathroom tissue differ from the ultra-soft products?
Perk septic-safe bathroom toilet tissue consists of one-ply sheets that promise not to clog the bowl and to disintegrate with every flush. They’re ideal for plumbing systems that may be old or that may be tied together in community septic systems with other establishments. They are available in 1,000-sheet rolls in bulk packages of 20, yielding 20,000 sheets per package.

What other features make Perk tissue paper a good choice?
Besides its fragrance-free material, Perk bath tissue also does not contain any bleach or dyes. It has a natural white color, made from paper pulp that is cleaned naturally rather than chlorinated.