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Polyester strapping is just as strong as steel, and two times stronger than propylene straps. Compared to steel strapping, polyester is more flexible as well as safer, break-resistant, and rust-proof. These qualities make it an excellent alternative to steel strapping for bundling heavy loads and better for securing unsettled loads and packages that may expand or contract during transport. Staples® carries different types of polyester bundling products for home users and businesses of all sizes.

Choose Between Corded and Woven Polyester Straps
There are two varieties of polyester packaging straps: woven and non-woven or corded. Woven ones are made of interlaced polyester yarns while corded varieties are composites of plastic-coated polyester filaments glued together. Both of them are very strong and their designs offer certain advantages over other types of strapping. For example, they don't have sharp edges and are unlikely to whiplash when untied. This strapping is also UV and weather-resistant, important features that make it suitable for outdoor use. Because they are rust-proof, polyester shipping straps don’t stain packaging.

Corded monofilament polyester straps usually have higher break strength than woven ones. By design, the bonded polyester fibers in these strapping also offer higher elongation. This improved flexibility makes them better for securing and stabilizing heavy loads that may move around during transport.

Key Features to Consider When Shopping for Plastic Strapping
Another way to classify polyester packaging straps is by the tools required for applying them. You can bundle packages with hand grade strapping using hand and manual tools. Such hand tools include pneumatic and battery-powered equipment like crimpers and tensioners. Best used for low-volume shipping operations, manufacturers supply these hand tools in poly strapping kits that may also include buckles and strapping dispensers. Machine grade strapping require automatic machines called bundlers or arch strappers. These are for high volume shipping operations.

Other factors to consider when choosing polyester straps are width, length, and thickness. Strapping width is usually less than 2 inches while thickness is between 0.01 and 0.05 inches. Polyester shipping straps come in rolls bundling thousands of feet of material. Select a strap of the right width and thickness for the carton or pallet size used for packaging goods. Use thin straps for small boxes and thick ones for heavy loads.

What Is the Break Strength of Poly Strapping?
Break strength or tensile strength is the amount of force required to break a strap. Expressed in pounds, this value directly corresponds to the weight of package you need to secure. For example, to reinforce a carton weighing 500 pounds, use a strap with total break strength of 1500 pounds or five straps rated at 300 pounds each. A palletized load requires strapping with a tensile strength that is 1.5 times its overall weight.

What Are the Differences Between Propylene and Polyester Strapping?
While they’re both plastic strapping, polyester ones are usually smooth and glossy while propylene straps have embossed surfaces. Polyester straps are also stronger, retain tension for longer, and enjoy higher resistance to UV, temperature changes, and other environmental factors.

Can You Print on Polyester Strapping?
Yes. Reasons to print on poly straps include identifying packaged goods, securing loads, and marketing company services through its name and logo. Custom-printed plastic strapping is compatible with manual tensioners, powered hand tools, and automatic strapping machines.

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