Custom Flashdrives & USB Accessories

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Help spread the word about your company or organization with custom branded technology like flash drives and USB accessories. They provide an easy and efficient way for customers and employees to store documents, photos, and other files on a single device.

Popular choices include retractable USBs, which feature a sliding mechanism to open or close them, and options with caps or covers to keep the devices protected from dust and debris. They are available in a wide range of shape, size, and color options to suit your marketing and event needs. Additional features like keychains and clips at the top or bottom make them easy to take on the go.

With up to 8GB of storage space, they are convenient to use and remind customers of your business or organization every time they look at their device. The outside of these products is easily customizable and can be imprinted with company logos, contact information, web addresses, or other designs that help customers remember you.

Staples® offers an easy online uploading process, providing a quick and affordable way to communicate your brand with custom products. Available in various quantities from a single item to as many as you need, branded technology is an ideal choice for corporate gifts and event giveaways, or for use by your in-house team while visiting or working with clients for a cohesive branded look across their tools and devices.
  • Customized flash drives are a useful way to share your message
  • Promotional USB hubs expand your business exposure
  • Stay connected with your customers while promoting your brand
  • Personalized USB accessories come in an array of styles and functions
  • Choose between small and large quantities to best suit your needs
  • Create your own design and easily upload

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As low as $2.99 each by style
As low as $2.99 each by style
Choose from a large variety of products to fit your needs.
Specifications will vary by type of product chosen.
Delivery times vary by product, style and quantity.
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Quantity varies by style
As low as $2.99 each

* Starting quantities, prices and customization charges vary by style.  Design now for a quote.