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Business marketing takes on a multitude of forms, ranging from writing utensils to paper products designed to provide a functional use to consumers. Those looking to make an impact, particularly in the medical, automotive, or service field should consider penlights. The barrel can accommodate a logo, slogan, or company name and website. Staples® carries many customizable marketing options for personal and professional use.

These handy tools resemble writing utensils with a similar build that's easy to store in a pocket or briefcase when not in use. Most have a clip that attaches to a shirt, coat, or clipboard, to prevent losing it while in motion. Choose from a clicking mechanism that works just like a pen, or opt for one with a rotating barrel to turn the unit on. They operate on either AA or AAA batteries, which insert directly into the barrel.

Penlights make an excellent custom solution for doctors and nurses who can use them to examine orifices such as the mouth, nose, and ears for obstruction or redness. They also work well for mechanics who need a concentrated light in a small area or tight space of an engine where larger flashlights can't fit.

Buying penlights in bulk makes it easy to distribute them at a convention or trade show where medical equipment and supply companies strive to land new clients. Shoppers can also purchase them as an individual unit with an engraved inscription for a new graduate as a thoughtful gift.
  • Promotional penlights are a bright idea for advertising
  • Customizable penlights offer 2-in-1 functionality
  • Custom penlights shine light on your brand, creating a fun way to promote your message
  • Available in a variety of colors and finishes
  • Impress your customers with a multifunction penlight
  • Choose between small and large quantities

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As low as $1.99 each by style
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