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Using Your Business Cards

The Future of Business Cards

When the digital age hit, pundits wondered what would happen to print. Would things like books, brochures and business cards become outdated? Would everything go electronic?

We're happy to say that the print industry is hanging tough and business cards are definitely not dead. But things are certainly starting to evolve. They have transformed from simple 2" x 3" pieces of white card stock to include a wealth of materials and styles — like metal, plastic and die-cut cards. 

What's the next stop for business cards? Let's take a glimpse into the future and see what your card may look like tomorrow.

NFC Business Cards
Near Field Communication (NFC) is a key component in payment apps such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet. This technology will likely be adopted, and you may be using NFC business cards in the near future. 

How Does NFC Work?
NFC is a type of short-range wireless communication that enables two Android devices to communicate with each other or an NFC tag to communicate with an Android device — without an Internet connection. NFC tags, small stickers with microchips, store bits of data that, when touched with an NFC-enabled device, transfers that information. 

QR Today, NFC Tomorrow
While QR codes can link to your website or portfolio, NFC business cards can do the same and let you know who accessed your site. This gives you additional insight into who is interested in your company and how effective your business card really is.

Augmented Reality Business Cards
Admit it. Ever since you saw the original Star Wars, you always wanted to send a holographic message to someone. Well, the future is here. And, like Obi-Wan Kenobi, augmented reality cards may be your only hope (to get noticed).

How Do Augmented Reality Cards Work?
An image on the back of the business card, called a “marker,” triggers a holographic-style video to play when someone scans it with a mobile device. The marker can be any image, from your logo to a graphic flourish on the corner of your card.

How to Make Augmented Reality Business Cards
It's actually much easier than you think. Apps such as Augment, ZapCode Creator and Wowsome help simplify the process. Simply choose the image that will serve as your marker and the app will link it to a 3D model or video greeting that will pop off of your card and deliver an unforgettable message.

Ready to create your own eye-catching business cards?