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Our Community Goals

Everywhere we do business, we are proud to provide products and services that help our customers thrive and succeed. Staples also employs local workers in dependable jobs, and purchases products and services from local businesses. But we believe our role in these communities requires more of us than “business as usual.”

Our goal is to support educational and job-related community efforts with a primary focus on disadvantaged youth, from literacy and mentoring to career skills development.

Staples customers are also our fellow citizens, our neighbors and our friends. We reach out and contribute to community life in our local neighborhoods and beyond.

We support these causes through corporate contributions, in-kind donations and grants from Staples Foundation, our private charitable arm. We also encourage our associates to contribute their time and resources. Through our global community and giving efforts, we have helped thousands of organizations in local communities across the world.


2016 Total Giving

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2016 Achievements

We contribute to the communities where we live and work through large-scale initiatives, as well as local, grassroots programs that promote goodwill and build strong ties. Among other Staples' achievements:

  • Donated more than $11 million to non-profit organizations and schools around the world through Staples Foundation, corporate charitable giving programs, in-kind donations, and cause marketing efforts.
  • Enabled over 12,000 associates through the 2 Million & Change grant program to direct $2.3 million to 1,000 organizations they personally care about and support across 24 countries.
  • Engaged 5,700 associates to volunteer more than 62,000 hours across 14 countries and raise over $1.1 million through non-profit fundraising campaigns.
  • Inspired customers to donate more than $2.1 million through six cause marketing and disaster relief campaigns conducted in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Helped over 36,000 people in North American communities impacted by disasters, including support through the Staples Emergency Education Fund with Save the Children.
  • Encouraged more than 5,200 North American associates to contribute $846,000 to help over 870 associates in need of assistance through the Staples Share Fund.

2017 Goals

  • Deepen associate community engagement by increasing awareness and participation in local volunteer opportunities.
  • Support associate engagement and recruitment efforts to promote Staples as an employer of choice.
  • Focus support on local organizations to maximize impact in communities.

Take action

We invite you to get involved with one
of the non-profit groups that Staples and
Staples Foundation support.

Feel free to contact our Community Team with any questions or feedback. We’d love to hear from you.