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Staples #CoffeeSocial

Join the Staples #CoffeeSocial.

Sure to be the highlight of everyone’s workday.

We’re pretty crazy for coffee. And we want to share that warm, fuzzy, caffeinated feeling with all of you.
So get to tweeting and sharing — with your non coffee-drinking hand, of course.

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Good morning! If you’ve had your coffee, that is.

Check back later for more fun.

Need an afternoon kickstart? Grab a coffee, social buddies.

Check back later for more fun.

Who feels like an after-dinner coffee? We do!

Check back later for more fun.


Share the coffee love

Just how much do you love coffee? More than your boss?
Or TV? Fill in the field below and tell all!

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My perfect cup

Iced, hot, sweet or not? From a Keurig® or a french press? We want to know what puts you in coffee heaven.

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^EH on the Staples® Tweet Team swears by freshly-brewed iced coffee with cream and two Splendas.

Coffee fun facts

Before coffee became a beverage, it was used for food. Ground beans were mixed with animal fat and eaten for energy.

Now we’re hungry. What’s your favorite food to have with coffee?

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May we suggest cookies?

A 20-person office drinks an average of 62 cups of coffee per day.

Bet they can’t all agree on the same brand. They totally need this.

How many cups do you drink per day?

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Half of all Americans drink coffee in the morning, while a quarter skip breakfast.

Why not have both?
We’re fans of this
delicious oatmeal.

Are you a breakfast eater or skipper?

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The world’s largest cup of coffee was 2,010 U.S. gallons, made by in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 15, 2010.

What’s your go-to coffee size? (Eight ounces? Grande? Big gulp?)

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Whatever your preference, be prepared for spillage with these.

Dark roast coffee actually contains less caffeine than medium roast. The longer coffee beans are roasted, the more caffeine burns off.

What’s your roast of choice?

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Like coffee, but not the caffeine? This one’s for you, decaf drinkers.

There’s a course at Syracuse University dedicated to Starbucks.

Forget a whole semester. You can learn how great Starbucks® VIA™ tastes in an instant.

If you could teach a coffee-related course, what would you name it?

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Coffee o’clock

When do you most need a pick-me-up? Choose and tweet your answer below.

When my alarm clock goes off

On my way to work

When I get to work

At lunchtime — who needs food?

During those dreaded afternoon meetings

In the evening — to get through my DVR recordings

All day long — coffee is the new water


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