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FSC Paper |®

Protecting our forests with every purchase.

FSC-certified options for your office.

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Forests support people and our planet.

  • rain

    Regulate our climate, clean our water, refresh the air we breathe and support all the ways we enjoy the outdoors including hunting, fishing and camping.

  • mt

    Provide habitat for 80% of the terrestrial wildlife and plants around the world.

  • people

    Generate over $220 billion in forest products each year and economically support 1.6 billion people.

Make a difference with FSC-Certified paper.

The Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) helps people find products from responsibly managed forests. FSC conserves wildlife habitat, protects clean water and respects the rights of Native people and local communities on 170 million acres of forestland in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Products with the FSC logo support responsible forest management including prohibiting the use of hazardous chemicals, protecting water quality, limiting clear-cuts to support forest ecology and protecting rare, threatened and endangered species.

  • Buying FSC-certified paper helps protect the rights of local communities and people who rely on or recreate in forests.

  • Buying FSC-certified paper helps prevent deforestation, including conversion of natural forests to plantations.

Staples commitment to responsible forestry.

We know how important forests are to our planet. As the #1 seller of copy paper in North America, we want to make sure forests are managed responsibly.

Staples is proud to work with vendors including Domtar, International Paper, HP and Kimberly-Clark® who are committed to supporting responsible forestry by sourcing and manufacturing FSC-certified products.