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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions. Our answers.

How will I know if my registration has been received by Staples?

Once your registration has been successfully submitted, you will receive an email notification.

Can I participate in the Staples® Diversity Supplier Program although I am not certified?

No. You must obtain a valid third-party certification from the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) or a state or federal government agency. Your certification(s) must remain current in order to participate in the Staples Diversity Supplier Program. .

Does certification ensure that I will be able to do business with Staples?

Certification is only one factor that our sourcing, purchasing and merchandising departments consider when evaluating new suppliers. The major criteria include the need for your product and/or service and your ability to offer quality products and/or services at a competitive price.

Where can I find more information on certifications in order to meet Staples Diversity Supplier Program certification requirements?

A. For minority-owned businesses, visit
B. For women-owned businesses, visit
C. For small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses and veteran-owned or HUBZone small businesses, visit the SBA Web site.
D. For registration with the GSA System for Award Management (previously CCR), visit

What if I don't have all of the information that the system is asking for?

If you have already passed the initial registration process and have a registration key, you may enter the information you have, save sessions and return at a later time to update or complete your company information. You have the ability to save presentations and other company marketing materials you would like us to view in your application.

What happens after your office has received my completed registration?

Our program manager will review your company information. Sourcing, purchasing and merchandising initiatives are constantly ongoing at Staples, depending on the various needs of our business throughout a given year. Depending on Staples need, we will contact the appropriate department regarding your services or products. If there is a need that your business can fulfill, we will be in contact with you. Certain products or services may not be actively sourced until the business decision is made.

What are the next steps if my company is selected to participate in a sourcing initiative?

If your company is selected to participate in a sourcing initiative, you will be screened by our category managers/buyers to see if there is a match between your company's core capabilities and our procurement needs. You will then be invited to submit an RFI or RFP response.

My application was rejected, how do I appeal this decision and who should I contact?

If your application has been rejected, Staples has determined that at this time there is no need for the product/services offered or that your company does not meet the requirements. However, if our Supplier Diversity Department feels that you have a compelling reason to appeal the decision, we can facilitate your resubmission at

May I contact the category managers and buyers directly to make them aware that I've submitted my company's information through Staples' registration process?

No, our Supplier Diversity Program Manager will screen all applications that are submitted to determine if the potential vendor has a product or service that fits Staples vision and needs. We will submit your information directly to the category manager/buyer responsible for your commodity or service as you've indicated on your application. Once the category manager or buyer has received your information, you will be contacted if there is an opportunity. If you have not been contacted within 60 days, you may contact the Supplier Diversity Department at

What criteria do you use when selecting a diversity supplier?

The criteria we use to select a small, minority-, woman- or veteran-owned supplier are the same ones we use to select a majority supplier. This includes the ability to offer a product or service that is of high quality, competitively priced and that comes with an assurance of excellent customer service.

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