Must-Have Accessories for Your Computer

After picking the right machine, make sure you have all the computer accessories you need to integrate your new laptop or desktop computer into your workflow so you can get the most out of your purchase. Here’s what you might need.

Basic Computer Accessories


If your computer doesn’t come with a screen, you like having more than one, or you just like having the biggest one possible, choose a monitor from our wide selection.

Printers, Scanners or All-in-Ones

From basic printers to office workhorses to 3D printers, we have a great selection of all the best brands available. Not to mention plenty of ink, toner and paper.

Keyboards and Mice

From trackballs to external touch pads, and from wireless mice to stylish keyboards, there are many different ways you can interact with your computer. We have multiple options so you can make your choice.

Wireless Networking and WiFi

Want to work anywhere in your home or office? Set up a wireless network that’ll give you freedom from your desk.

Service and Protection Plans

A protection plan from SquareTrade® includes 24/7 customer support, 100% hardware coverage and even damage repair if you drop your laptop in a swimming pool.

Additional Accessories

Speakers & Docks

Turn the volume all the way up with a set of speakers that’ll allow you to never miss a beat. Or choose a docking station that will give you even greater functionality.

Hard Drives and Data Storage

For peace of mind, back up all your business files (plus music, photos and videos) on a portable harddrive. Lightweight designs and smaller sizes — some that even fit on your key ring — mean you can take your important files with you.

External Disc Drives and Burners

CD and DVD media are an inexpensive backup storage that allows you to share everything from your latest presentation to your favorite music and movies. And don’t forget the blank media discs!

Bags, Sleeves and Cases

Wherever you roam, protect your new laptop with a case, backpack or sleeve in assorted colors and styles.

Screen Protectors and Filters

With wide-screen and anti-glare options, choose a screen protector or filter that will ensure you — and only you — can see your monitor.

Computer Cleaning and Maintenance

Keep your computer dust-, germ- and fingerprint-free with safe and effective cleaning products for your machine.

Laptop Locks

Regardless of which machine you select, if it has a security slot — which most computers do — be sure to pick up a lock to keep your machine protected.


While most laptops these days come with a Webcam built-in, if you want an even better picture, pick up an external Webcam.


Did you know that most new computers don’t include productivity software like Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint or Excel preinstalled? Choose from them, or software that’ll help you manage your finances, play games or stay safe.