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Must Have Tablet Accessories

If you think just buying a tablet is enough, think again. You also need to keep it safe, and ensure you can make as much use of it as you’d like. That’s where tablet accessories come in. Our selection will help you take care of the basics, like keeping your device powered up, and will help you do other things, such as accepting credit card payments, tracking your fitness goals and even making sure your barbecued meat is fully cooked.

Basic Tablet Accessories

Cases/Covers/Sleeves: Keep your tablet safe from scratches, bumps and accidental drops by putting it in a cover, case or sleeve. Many of these attach using magnets, come in various colors and are perforated to give you flexibility in terms of the look and positioning of your device.

Screen Protectors: A screen protector will keep your tablet screen scratch free without dulling the image. These clear sheets allow fingerprints and oils to wipe away easily, reduce screen reflection and increase legibility, even in bright light conditions.

Chargers/Adapters: Most tablets come with their own chargers, but maybe you want more than one so you’ll never be without power? Keep your tablet charging while you’re driving to business meetings or charge it while it’s displaying your latest products at your place of business

Keyboards: Sometimes when you need to type — whether it’s a long email or notes at a conference — you just don’t want to type on the screen’s interface. For those times, a keyboard is a helpful accessory.

Stylus Pens: Don’t trust your fingers? Stylus pens let you write and draw on, as well as navigate your tablet quickly and easily. The soft, durable tips keep your screen clear of fingerprints and scratches, and the comfortable barrels keep your hand from getting tired, even during long periods of use.

Protection/Service Plans: You can’t always protect your tablet from drops, spills and other accidents, but you can make sure that if any of those things happen — or if your device stops working for another reason — your tablet can be fixed or replaced. That’s why you need a protection/service plan, like the ones we offer from SquareTrade.

Additional Accessories

Square Credit Card Reader: The Square, as well as the PayPal Here and Pay Anywhere mobile readers, lets you accept credit card payments anywhere, anytime, on your tablet. Just swipe your customer’s card and you’re in business.

iGrill Bluetooth® Cooking Thermometer: This cool accessory will let you know if your meat is fully cooked. It is capable of tracking temperatures up to 400°F (204°C), and has an alarm setting that will alert you before your steak is too well done.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker: The Fitbit One wireless activity and sleep tracker works with your tablet to give you helpful insights into your overall health. It connects wirelessly, and comes with a sleep wristband for you to wear at night, a silicone and metal clip for day use, and a charging cord so you have everything you need to operate the device 24/7.

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