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Using tablets for customer feedback and surveys

Tablets for customer feedback and surveys

Whatever your business needs, leveraging the stunning performance, design and portability of tablets can pay immediate dividends. Tablets are changing the way that people communicate, which in turn is opening up all kinds of opportunities for your business.

Here we are going to focus on the major techniques and benefits of acquiring customer data using tablets. In other words, how can a tablet help you to collect the data that would help your business?

Improve reach

Tablets let you reach your customer when they are ready to communicate with you. Unlike desktop computers, tablets are the ultimate in portability and so they reduce the inconvenience of providing customer feedback. Say you run a department store. Now you can liberate your staff to take to the floor or farther afield to ask for feedback and run customer surveys. It is amazing how the act of engaging your customer when they are willing — rather than when they feel obliged — can pay immediate dividends to the quality and quantity of data that you receive. Now you have the freedom to target your customer whether they are waiting at the checkout, having a browse around the shop or waiting for their partner to finish in the clothes department. By being there with tablet in hand and questions ready, you will be able to communicate with a breadth of audience that you never thought possible.

Make life easy for all

Tablets are so powerful that they can cover every aspect of your business and every type of customer. Never has it been so easy to deliver the perfect questionnaire in a well-ordered and an easy-to-navigate format. Collecting data from a smartphone wouldn't work well, as the usability is inferior to that of the tablet. Don't forget that the average smartphone user can become frustrated by having to drag, shrink and enlarge their documents to read them, as well as struggling to enter the correct letters on the screen. All of these difficulties can present quite a challenge to some customers. On the other hand, collecting data in old-fashioned ways is fraught with problems as paper becomes wet, ripped, lost or illegible. By simply handing your customer a tablet, you are giving a wide range of clientele an easy way to provide feedback.

Increase efficiency

Tablets are lightning fast and provide efficiency for your business in all kinds of ways. Perhaps your customer is waiting to check out of your hotel. Well, now they can easily provide their feedback with your tablet while waiting. Once they have finished, all they have to do is hit "Submit," and whoosh: the feedback is at your fingertips, ready for your analysis. Furthermore, the instant nature of this style of feedback should also help to get realistic, detailed and honest feedback, rather than the feedback of someone who has already started to forget what really happened. Tablets not only help drive efficiency, but they also help drive quality.

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