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Start Screen

Simple. Clean. Colorful. Everything you need in a PC desktop, and nothing you don’t.

The colorful new face of Windows 8 is designed to keep everything you need right at your fingertips.

  • big, easy-to-read tiles display real-time updates from your favorite applications
  • completely custom design allows you to move and resize tiles to fit your needs
  • colorful wallpapers let you show off your personal style


Full-screen multitasking. Clutter-free desktops. That’s Windows 8, in a snap.

Windows 8 includes an intuitive feature called Snap that displays two full-screen applications simultaneously. Snap saves time, sanity and gets you well on your way to becoming a productivity machine. For example:

  • send emails while viewing the Windows 8 Calendar app
  • use the Bing search engine as you type a report in Microsoft Word
  • and many more (all Windows Store apps will support Snap)

Windows Store

Thousands of apps. Foolproof installation. Worry-free security.

This is the Windows Store. It’s fully stocked with big, beautiful apps tailor-made for Windows 8. Productivity, travel, games and more--they’re all here, and acquiring them is easier than ever:

  • Disc-free downloads
  • No compatibility checks - Automatic updates


All your favorite things, stored, protected and accessible wherever you go.

Microsoft’s SkyDrive is a virtual security blanket for all your photos, videos and important files. Store any of these things in Windows 8’s built-in SkyDrive tile, and they’re automatically available from your phone or PC.

  • secure file hosting on Microsoft’s online servers
  • your files, photos and video are accessible from any Windows 8 PC or mobile device
  • update a file in one location, save it to SkyDrive, and access the updated version on the road

Watch us take SkyDrive for a test drive in the video to the right.


Share from anywhere with just a few clicks.

Nearly every facet of the Windows 8 experience allows you to share what you’re doing with your connections.

  • send Facebook updates from inside Windows 8 applications
  • share photos via email and social networks from within the Photos application
  • post news updates on your Facebook Timeline without having to log in


The classic desktop you know and love, enhanced for Windows 8.

With Windows 8, all your existing PC applications can come along for the ride.

  • existing applications will work on the classic desktop
  • full application support in a familiar environment - all the features of Windows 7, updated for Windows 8
  • Visit the classic Windows desktop with our video walkthrough on the right.

Microsoft Account

Dozens of products and services, all synced into one easily manageable account.

The Microsoft Account is your single point of contact for a wide range of services, including the Windows Store and Xbox Live.

  • spend less time memorizing passwords and more time enjoying new applications
  • sync your personal PC settings across all your Windows PCs and mobile devices

Charm Bar

Charming, helpful menus and frequently-used features, always at your side.

Say hello the Windows 8 Charm Bar, the easily-accessible, incredibly convenient way to access important settings and features anywhere, anytime.

  • access PC settings and fine-tune your machine
  • send content to friends with the Share button
  • quickly set up and manage devices, like a second monitor or webcam

Start your Windows 8 adventure.

Windows 8 has a new look and feel that makes using apps and interacting with friends easier than ever.

Click on each for more information.

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