Before You Buy Business Cards

Business Cards for Business Professionals

To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the demise of business cards have been greatly exaggerated. In this digital age of mistyped texts and eternally deleted emails, professional business cards are a real, tangible way of connecting with people.

They can help you build relationships, generate leads and promote your business. Here are just a few ways professionals can maximize their business cards.

Keep in Touch

From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, professional business cards are a great way to stay in touch and strengthen relationships with friends and acquaintances.

  • Business Cards for Accountants and Financial Advisors — Leading up to tax season, hand out and mail out cards to businesses that may need help with their taxes and finances.
  • Business Cards for CEOs and VPs — Perfect for a working lunch or networking event, use your card to trade information with other executives and potential clients.
  • Business Cards for IT Professionals— Everyone can use tech support from time to time. Use your card to make a connection with those in need of your technical expertise.
  • Business Cards for Sales Professionals— Prospective clients can take their time before making a decision. Leaving a card behind is a great way to remind them to get in touch with you when the time is right.

Lead Generation and Promotional Business Cards

Word of mouth is a great way to drive new business, but it can also be a bit unpredictable. Help reinforce it with your business cards.

  • Business Cards for Realtors— Referrals from happy home buyers can mean a lot to your commission rate. Give a few business cards to clients on both sides of the table in case they'd like to refer you.
  • Business Cards for Lawyers — Pin cards to a grocery store bulletin board, coffee shop or cafe in your area. It's free advertising that can help you help others.
  • Business Cards for Construction Professionals — How many times have you heard people say, “Hey, I know a guy”? Well, be that guy. Exchange cards with others in the construction industry to create a referral quid pro quo. Forge relationships with local realtors with clients who may need work done and finance professionals who may need a construction team as part of a business deal project team.
  • Business Cards for Interior Designers— Hitch your wagon to realtors who may need home staging to make a faster sale. Don't hesitate to give away cards to new homeowners and businesses who are looking to refresh their space too.
  • Restaurant Owners — Give cards to other neighborhood businesses and include a loyalty discount or offer a percentage off with your card to potential patrons.

Ready to create your own eye-catching business cards?

What should legally be included on lawyers' business cards?

A caveat about business cards for lawyers: Be mindful of the information you include. In accordance with the code of ethics laid down by the American Bar Association, lawyers should avoid including slogans and superlatives on their cards. Lawyers should also carefully list the states where they are legally allowed to practice law and accurately note areas of specialization.