Before You Buy Business Cards

Business Cards for Students & Personal Use: Why Everyone Should Carry a Card

Welcome to the new world of networking. Today, business cards aren't just for the business professional. They're for everyone, and they can help you create connections and open up doors. So whether you're an entrepreneur, a student or a job seeker, a well-designed business card can help you find that next opportunity.

What to Include on Your Personal Business Card

When you're building your personal brand, your business card is your best reference. It allows others to contact you and see your work, all packaged in a neat, 3.5" x 2" piece of card stock. Here's what you should include:

  • Contact info — Always include your phone number and email address. Also consider including your home address, but this is not always necessary.
  • Job title/What you do— To come across as an expert, you need a good title such as  “Creative Consultant,” “Statistical Analyst” or “Graphic Artist.”
  • Tag line — What sets you apart? Offer up a tag line that sums up your strengths and shows some of your personality and creativity.
  • Web info — Showcase your talent by sharing the URL of your online portfolio or professional blog. You can also include your Twitter handle or LinkedIn profile address to connect with people on social media.
  • A photo or logo— If you have a professionally designed logo or headshot, you may also include it on your card.

For more ideas, here's a full checklist of what to put on your business card.

Business Cards for Job Seekers

Whether you're a recently unemployed job seeker or are in the market for a new position, business cards are a key tool in your job search arsenal.

At job fairs and other networking events, bringing your business card is an absolute must. It not only helps make a great first impression with HR recruiters and colleagues, but also serves as a reminder and an easy way to contact you.

Remember, recruiters meet hundreds of people at every networking event. An eye-catching business card can help you to stand out.

Business Cards for Students

It's never too early to start scoping out internships or job opportunities. That's why an eye-catching business card is a must for job fairs and other student networking events.

While you may not necessarily have the skills or experience that others in your industry have, your business card can still open doors. Use your card to show your strengths. Even if your job title for now is just “Student,” a polished, professional-looking business card will make a great first impression.

Remember to include your school, the degree you are pursuing, expected graduation date and links to online portfolios showcasing projects and affiliations within your area of study. 

Ready to create your own eye-catching business cards?

How many business cards should you carry?

  • Try to have at least 5 business cards on you whenever you go out.
  • If you're going for a job interview, try to find out how many people you will be meeting with. Have one business card for each of them, plus a few more to spare.
  • If you're headed to a large convention, job fair or networking event, carry as many cards as possible. At minimum, bring at least 20 cards for every day of the event.