Designing Your Business Cards

What to Include on Your Business Card: Sell Yourself, but Be Yourself

Business cards are a popular and portable way to grow your business and share your skills. Sure, there's the obligatory contact info, but this is also a great place to inject some of your own personality. In other words, sell yourself, but be yourself. It's the little things you put on your business card that could make a meaningful connection.

Just the Facts
There is very specific information, which should always be included on every business card.

  • The name of your business should be prominent. Even if you have a logo, make sure your business name appears in a printed format on the card too.
  • Your name should also be presented clearly, whether you're an affiliated company or flying solo.
  • Contact information is where things get a little tricky. Not every business has a brick-and-mortar location or needs to have a physical address on their card. At the very least, your contact information should include:
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Web address (if you have one)

Also try to include:

  • Physical or mailing address
  • Links to relevant social media pages, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

Tout Your Title
Everyone will want to know whether they're calling a sales rep or the CEO. So when it comes to crafting your business card title, don't be shy about sharing and always use your best judgment.

  • If you have multiple job titles, include the highest ranking or most important job first on your card.
  • Consider using a little creative license with your title. While it may not be appropriate for every industry or profession, a little humor can go a long way in highlighting the tone and tenor of your brand. Here are a few examples:
    • Director of First Impressions (receptionist)
    • Chief Imagination Officer (copywriter)
    • President and Head Janitor (CEO of a small startup)
    • Certified Number Cruncher (accountant)
    • Jack of All Trades (project manager)
    • Ambassador of Buzz (public relations)
    • Chief Catalyst (executive assistant)
    • Crayon Evangelist (graphic designer)

Make It Snappy
One final touch to include on your business card is a catchy slogan or quote to grab a prospect's attention. Think of some of the most memorable advertising tag lines and draw on them for inspiration. What's that one idea that drives your business — the one thing you want customers to remember about you? Let that guide your tag line.

Remember: it's important to leave enough blank space and to not clutter your card. If you feel you have more information than can be delivered neatly on a standard business card, opt for a double-sided card or a folded business card that allows for more space.

Ready to create your own eye-catching business cards?