Bring order to your office

Find the expandable files that fit your needs.

Expandable files are the best way to organize, categorize and prioritize files in your office or at home. These accordion style files are portable and convenient — designed to make your life easier.

Choose the type of expandable file that best suits your needs.

Expanding Files

Expanding files have indexed dividers (ie. A – Z; Jan – Dec; 1 – 31) that help you organize your files into categories.

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Expanding Pockets

Expanding pockets keep the tops of your files exposed so you can browse through your contents quickly.

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Expanding Wallets

Expanding wallets are envelope-style organizers with full flap closures to keep your files secure.

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Expanding Poly Files

Expanding poly files are water and tear resistant and come in an assortment of colors and expansions.

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Check Files

Check files are smaller-size expanding files, perfect for storing small papers such as checks, coupons, and receipts.

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