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Crayon Canvas Art |

Crayon Canvas Art

Get your drip painting on (sort of) with crayons and mom's hairdryer. Create a masterpiece using all the colors of the rainbow or just your favorites. Are you ready for quality time with your kids? Let’s get started.
Step 1:

Line up the crayons at the top of a blank white canvas in any color sequence you want. Happy with the way it looks? Great. Now grab that glue gun and glue them in place. (Just be careful!)

Step 2:

Now the fun begins. Set the blow setting on the hairdryer to low and start melting the crayons and creating your piece of art. Tip: Be sure to put down a drop cloth as this can get a little messy. (If you have a heat gun, that will work too.)

Step 3:

Love how it looks? Nice job! Just let it cool for a few minutes, then hang it up or show off your masterpiece on social media. Tag @Staples.

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