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Office Cleaning Basics: Ignore Floor and Carpet Care at Your Own Risk

Ignoring floor care can lead to expensive claims for small business owners. Proper office cleaning improves employee health, productivity, and morale.


Floor Care and Reconditioning

Proper floor care, regular cleaning, and systematic floor reconditioning can minimize safety risks, improve office cleanliness, and help in developing the right attitude toward general safety in employees. The right mix of manual efforts and hi-tech solutions will make the floor look good and improve the safety record of your office.


Good Office Cleaning and Care Helps Avoid Safety Issues and Expensive Claims

Proper floor care and reconditioning is essential to minimize safety risks in your office, such as slip-and-fall accidents. Scenes of people slipping and falling seem humorous in movies and television shows. In real life, however, they can result in injuries and even death, and a small business may end up having to pay damages to the injured person, which can range between $26,000 to $30,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Clear and precise office cleaning rules, quality cleaning equipment, trained employees, general awareness toward safety, use of safety tapes and signs during office cleaning, and proper carpet care will improve office cleanliness and reduce the risk of accidents.

Poor office cleaning also affects the hygiene standards in the office, which may result in health problems, irregular attendance, and low morale in employees, as well as a decrease in productivity. Therefore, giving the appropriate attention to such a seemingly minor issue as office cleaning can help boost your reputation as a company that cares about its employees.


New Cleaning Technologies Help Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency

Although this may look like an extravagant gesture, investing in modern, hi-tech cleaning equipment can help you reduce time and costs related to office maintenance and will pay off in the long run. Modern cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners can drastically improve the quality of floor care, and purchasing the right equipment is essential when it comes to carpet care. High-quality gloves, dusters, dustpans, wipers, brooms, mops, and buckets will help instill a sense of responsibility in the cleaning staff.

Employees should be made aware of the safety risks involved in improper floor care. For this purpose, a display board devoted to office safety issues may help raise and maintain the overall awareness on the matter, and employees should be encouraged to contribute to this board with stickers and slogans related to office cleaning.


Developing the Right Attitude toward Safety is Essential

The idea of reducing cleaning costs to boost profits looks attractive but may prove counterproductive long term. All it takes is a single accident involving an employee, and your plans to reduce costs and boost profits are ruined. Hence, it is important not to classify office-cleaning expenses as unproductive costs.

You must be prepared to invest a significant sum in modern and high-quality cleaning equipment. A multi-surface vacuum cleaner can cost around $300, with additional expenses for replenishing consumables and regular maintenance.

Simply buying fancy equipment, signs, boards, and other products will not automatically improve the quality of carpet care. It is crucial to develop the right attitude toward safety and office cleaning to extract maximum benefit out of these purchases.



Proper floor care and reconditioning will enhance productivity by improving employee health and morale. It will also prevent accidents and help your business avoid expensive and embarrassing workplace accident claims.



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