Why Maintaining Your Heating System Is Important

A well-maintained heating system for your business is important for customer retention and cost-efficiency.


Winter Maintenance

Winter is quickly approaching, and this means extra responsibilities for a storeowner. For many establishments, this means added inventory, such as shovels, snow blowers, and salt for ice and snow removal from sidewalks. A storeowner also needs to prepare the store itself for the upcoming cold and snowy weather.


Why Store Temperature Is Important

There are few things worse for a customer than being physically uncomfortable in a store. Keeping your store too hot or too cold could result in customers not wanting to browse, and if the temperature is too extreme, customers might not visit your store at all. To keep your customers comfortable, you should have your heating system checked on an annual basis by a qualified heating and cooling specialist. This will keep your heating system in good working order and ensure your customers enjoy their visit to your business during the winter months.


Choosing a Heating System

Today's heating systems are very different from the old systems that many buildings still have. Modern systems are smaller, quieter, and more energy efficient. There are also more options for the heating source. Systems can run on gas, electricity, and steam, as well as more eco-friendly fuel sources such as wood pellets, water, and even solar. The type of heat source you choose will depend on the geographical location of your business, the size of the building, and your price limitations for the new system. You will want to keep in mind that although a more energy-efficient system might be expensive to purchase and install, you will make up the costs involved through lower heating costs. This is especially important for areas that have long, harsh winters.


Costs and Considerations of Heating Systems

Pricing for your heating system will depend upon what work needs doing on your current heating system. For example, routine maintenance might only cost the price of a service call plus parts. You may find that the company has a set price for weatherization services. If your heating system needs work over and above the traditional service call, the cost will be greater and you will have to pay for replacement parts and labor. If you need to replace your heating system, the cost will depend on the price of the new heating system and the difficulty of the installation. An experienced heating specialist will be able to give you a firm estimate of costs for whatever services you might need. To make sure you are getting the best service for the cost, you should get estimates from several heating companies and, if possible, ask other business owners whom they use for their heating repair needs. You should also ask for commercial references along with the estimates you receive.


A well-maintained heating system is a good idea for any business. Not only will your customers be more comfortable but you also lessen the risk of winter hazards such as frozen pipes and frost on doors and windows. Put the money you save on heating your store into other areas of the business, such as new inventory or increased advertising. A wise investment now will pay dividends later.


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