Custom Magnetic Signs

Custom Magnetic Signs

Spread the word around the city about a brand or a business by advertising with magnetic signs. Placed on vehicles, these signs serve as mobile signs for logos and contact information. Staples® offers a varied selection of magnetic sign templates for many industries. Let personal and company vehicles get the message out to potential customers with signs that travel.

Make Your Message Stick with Magnetic Door Signs
Magnetic signs are easy to place and remove when necessary. Move them around to find placements that suit different purposes. Place a magnetic sign on a vehicle’s side door when driving in the city so pedestrians can see it. Move it to the rear when on the highway so it grabs the attention of motorists behind the vehicle.

Using Magnetic Decals for Marketing
The magnetic backing on these signs makes them stick to iron and steel surfaces. Signs feature water- and weather-resistant materials to keep them durable when used outdoors. The signs have high-strength magnets that keep them affixed in windy conditions and during transit. While users place them on vehicles, they’ll also stick to refrigerators, doors, and metal doors.

Create Personalized Magnetic Business Signs
Staples offers customizable signs in two sizes; 11 x 8 inches and 17 x 11 inches. Make small signs for indoor furnishings such as refrigerators and metal doors. Large magnetic signs are legible from longer distances and work best on cars and trucks and outdoor fixtures. Choose one of the many templates available and change it by adding text, photos, and logos, or start with a blank template if a custom design is ready to upload. Order signs in batches that range from one to 40 and get a quick turnaround on orders and delivery.

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Custom magnetic signs are a cost-effective way to promote your business on your car wherever you go. Choose from dozens of layouts, upload your own design or create one using our template tool. Add your logo, photos and custom text. They’re perfect for companies that operate a fleet of vehicles. Printed on a high-strength magnetic backing, these signs can be ordered in quantities of 1–40.

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