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Shrink film is a versatile product used for shipping, packaging, storage, and gifts. It comes in a variety of gauges, sizes, and types. Choose the correct shrink wrap based on individual needs. Staples® offers plenty of mail and packing products that go along with the wrap including boxes, shipping tags, and postal scales.

Choose the Best Type of Shrink Wrap for the Job
There are three types of heat shrink material. Each one works best for different uses. PVC film becomes hard when heated and is ideal for large objects that need to be held strongly in place. Common uses include pallet wraps that keep piled goods in place so they don’t fall over during transport. It works well with objects that won’t bend under pressure, such as wood, CD cases, or canned goods. It's easy to print on PVC to add logos to packaging such as water bottle cases.

Polyethylene wrap is very strong and can handle large objects such as industrial equipment and entire boats to keep them safe during winter. The wrap is puncture resistant and can handle items with sharp points without creating unwanted holes. This type is often used for disaster relief to cover holes in roofs or keep dangerous chemicals contained after a flood.

Polyolefin shrink film is soft, so it hugs products and is a good choice for fragile items. Use this wrap for gift baskets, magazines, to insulate wiring, and to protect thin packaging such as cardboard. Polyolefin is also FDA approved as food safe so it can be used for baked goods, candies, and to package products that will be used with food, such as plates and utensils.

Understanding Gauge Sizes
Gauge is the thickness of the wrap and also determines the softness. Lower gauge options, such as 45 or 60, are thinner and softer, for use with delicate items that may bend when too much force is put on them. Higher gauge, such 80 or 100, is thick and firm, for use with items that need extra strength to keep them in place or protect them from outside elements.

Shrink Bags, Rolls, and Tubes
Shrink wrap comes in bags, rolls, and tubes of various sizes. Bags can be pallet sized up to 50 inches to completely cover stacked products for storage while smaller bags up to 9 inches work well to cover small products for shipment. Rolls often come in sizes between 16 and 30 inches wide and thousands of feet long. They can be cut down to create custom sizes for various items. Domed bags are usually used for gift baskets because they fit comfortably over the rounded handles. Tubing options are long open tubes that can be cut down to create custom size bags.

What is the Best Way to Shrink the Film?
The wrap needs heat upwards of 300 degrees before it will shrink. A heat gun will reach this temperature quickly. Sealer systems allow users to roll out film, cut it to size, and shrink it with an included heat gun all on one machine.

Does Shrink Film Protect Against Moisture?
Polyolefin shrink film comes in several formulations that protect against fog (anti-fog), moisture (MVTR), and water(WVTR). These make it easier to see labels beneath the wrap, keeps moisture out so products don’t get wet, or even keep water inside so items don’t leak.

How Much Does Shrink Wrap Shrink?
The film will shrink anywhere between 30 to 50 percent. This is often affected by the amount of heat applied and the thickness of the wrap.
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