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Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape, 3/4" x 18.05 yds., 4 Rolls/Pack (4183)Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape, 3/4" x 18.05 yds., 4 Rolls/Pack (4183)
Item #24342172
Model #4183
  • Sticks securely, removes cleanly
  • 3/4" x 18.05 yds.
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Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape, 3/4" x 22.22 yds., 6 Rolls/Pack (813S6)Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape, 3/4" x 22.22 yds., 6 Rolls/Pack (813S6)
Item #24342174
Model #813S6
  • Sticks securely, removes cleanly
  • 3/4" x 22.22 yds.
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Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape, 3/4" x 22.22 yds., 2 Rolls/Pack (813S6)Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape, 3/4" x 22.22 yds., 2 Rolls/Pack (813S6)
Item #24342175
Model #813S2
  • 3/4" x 22.22 yds.
  • Clear
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Wall-safe tape is a very useful innovation in pressure-sensitive adhesive strips. It's no surprise that such an innovation comes from a popular brand in office supplies, 3M Scotch, creators of the Post-it sticky notes. Wall-safe tape, as the name suggests, has a special adhesive that does not cause damage on walls. According to its manufacturer, wall-safe tapes share the same adhesive technology with the sticky notes. Staples offers a variety of wall-safe and other tapes, fasteners, and adhesives.

What wall-safe adhesive strips can do
Wall-safe adhesive strips are repositionable, invisible, and able to stick as securely as regular pressure-sensitive strips. They stick and peel off easily on a number of surfaces, including painted drywall, glass, metal, and wood. Like sticky notes, you can reposition and restick a wall-safe adhesive strip several times without losing much of its ability to adhere properly.

Although you may be able to carefully peel off regular pressure sensitive strips safely, the strong adhesive substance on the tapes will likely leave dirt residues and marks. Like the low-tack adhesives on sticky notes, any adhesive residue from wall-safe adhesive strips left on surfaces wipes off easily. More than protect walls and other surfaces, wall-safe adhesive strips are also unlikely to cause any damage to the item they're adhering to, such as photos, posters, decorations, or artwork.

Practical uses for wall-safe adhesive tapes
Some adhesive tapes are specifically for heavy-duty use and these come with aggressive tack-on adhesion for permanent placement of items on walls and other flat surfaces. Wall-safe tapes work well for sticking items temporarily. These include hanging decorations on walls, posting reminders on bulletin boards, sticking a recipe printout on a kitchen counter, or placing photos in an office cubicle.

The low-tack adhesion in wall-safe strips also makes them a better option for arts and crafts classes because it's easy to peel off and reposition materials when practicing. More workable than conventional pressure-sensitive tapes, wall-safe tapes are also a better school art staple for younger students. Wall-safe adhesive tape glides off the roll easily and smoothly, and its adhesive does not contain any toxic component. This makes wall-safe adhesive tapes safe and fun to use for children. Before using a wall-safe tape for a particular task or project, it's wise to test its level of adhesion before proceeding. If the task requires a more secure and longer hold, you may need to use stronger adhesive tapes.

What are the width and length options for wall-safe tapes?
Wall-safe pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes are 3/4 inches wide. The transparent tape rolls come in varying lengths from 500 inches to 18 yards.

What pack selections for Scotch wall-safe tapes are available?
The tapes come in individual packaging or bulk, with boxes containing two, five, or six rolls of wall-safe tapes. Some single-roll options of wall-safe adhesive strips come with tape dispensers.

Where are Scotch wall-safe tapes manufactured?
3M Scotch manufactures wall-safe tape in the United States. The company sources other materials for this pressure-sensitive adhesive tape from different countries.

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