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Framed Posters

Framed posters turn simple pieces of art into attractive displays that draw the eye. Promote your business with a framed logo, or publicize the accomplishments of team members by hanging several of these customizable posters in prominent locations.
  • An easy-to-design interface makes these framed posters a quick solution for your promotional needs. Keep displays current with this simple-to-use option designed to conserve time and maximize productivity.
  • Choose from several ready-to-hang size options for optimal impact. Hang larger framed posters individually, or group several smaller posters to create a wall gallery that tells your company's story.
  • Archival-quality inks defend against the effects of sunlight and time, keeping your framed posters fresh and attractive. Change out these framed posters, or leave them hanging indefinitely to suit the needs of your business.
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  • Sizes: 11"x14", 16"x20", 20"x30"
  • Comes in a sleek 2" black wooden frame
  • Posters are printed on high quality gloss finish paper with archival quality inks
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