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Staples has you covered
Back to work

Return to work with help from Staples

Get back to work ready with Staples. We can help you prepare with a great selection of office basics, like a new notebook, printer paper, and your new favorite snack bar. While you're thinking about getting ready to go back to work, don't forget to pack hand sanitizer. As always, fast delivery and high volume supply make it easy to get what you need when you need it.

Get ready to escape the summer heat with an office fan, air conditioner, and an air purifier. Don't forget to stock up on air filters to keep your office air clean.

Protect what matters most

Whether you're at home, school, or work, Staples has what you need to work well and stay protected. With our great selection of face masks and respirators you are sure to find what you need -- including anti-microbial cloth face masks, kids face masks, n95 face masks, face shields and disposable masks. Consider stocking up on your own PPE Kit.

Back to school ready with Staples

Get ready for back to school. Whether you're a teacher, student or parent, Staples has you covered from A to Z for all your education supplies. From pens, pencils and markers to binders, folders and notebooks, you'll find everything you need to get organized, involved and inspired. Feel ready for back to school with interesting kids arts & crafts and fun STEM Education games and toys.

We've got your back with a wide selection of backpacks from popular brands like JanSport, Targus and High Sierra - many designed to accommodate another school must-have, a laptop. Find affordable options from top names like Microsoft, HP, Dell and Acer to get keyed up for a great school year.

Rest assured it arrives safely & securely

From shipping confidential business documents to 'handle with care' gifts and packages, you want the reassurance of knowing your special delivery arrives on time and in one piece. Staples makes the process seamless with a terrific selection of shipping, packing and mailing supplies that help you get your package safely and securely to its destination.

Whether you need poly mailers, padded envelopes and bubble mailers or sturdy shipping boxes in a variety of sizes, we've got you covered. And, of course, don't forget the necessary shipping materials to seal the deal.

Equip yourself with the right resources

No cleaning job, inside or out, is too big or small - let Staples give you a helping hand. You'll find home and commercial cleaning cleaning chemicals and tools to keep your work environment sanitary and allergen-free.

Give the entire office a top-to-bottom overhaul with cleaning tools, alcohol wipes, disinfectant wipes and cleaners for a safe, hygienic environment. With summer right around the corner, you'll want to keep the outside grounds as pristine as the inside. Check out our complete selection of maintenance tools - from lawn equipment to pest control.

We make your business our business

Whatever line of work you're in, Staples has everything you need to keep your operation running efficiently. Make this year's tax time less taxing, be ready to file 2020 tax returns with all the tax forms you need.

Do you run a retail store? You'll find a professional selection of store fixtures, displays and shelving, as well as point-of-sale equipment and signage. Staples also carries a wide selection of boxes, packing supplies and packing tape to help ensure that shipments arrive safely.

In the medical or home health fields? Let us take care of the critical supplies and equipment so you can take care of your patients. And for lab supplies and equipment, we've got things down to a science - making sure you stay compliant with the required health and safety standards.